Decline in Wii sales possible in July, "enhancements" to PSP and DS this year, says analyst

VG247: It's NPD week! Lazard Capital's Colin Sebastian just issued a note saying the firm expects Wii sales to have dropped in the US last month, although the doomsayer may have to wait for their "I told you so" moment for a while yet.

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RealityCheck3720d ago

"Puppies are cute!"

Sorry couldn't resist, that's the first thing that comes up to mind whenever I see Wii now. The second thing being a bunch of old people pretending to play music by head bobbing and randomly pushing buttons.

Zerodin3720d ago

As opposed to a bunch of teenagers pretending to play the guitar and drums?

Zerodin3720d ago

They are talking about July, like it hasn't happened yet.

ozsman3720d ago

Just think if they drop there prices!!

juuken3720d ago


...I couldn't resist. :D

Old Snake3720d ago

No you're supposed to say THIS IS BLASPHEMY!

juuken3720d ago

x-x; I haven't seen this movie in a good while. goes.


Transformer3720d ago

Can it be!
The Wii is losing steam and becoming a fad or just a bad month.

PSP #1

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