Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 Review I Xbox Players

After the successful launch of the COD black ops 3 beta earlier this year the final end product is eagerly anticipated by fans for the love of this series.

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HaleHankock1066d ago

I haven't enjoyed it. I have an amazing Internet connection yet I get screwed over by lag compensation most games, which in a game of reaction times makes it unfair. I have to hard rebooting my xbox one before playing each time or the game doesn't download the constant patches to allow me to connect to their servers. Until COD invests in dedicated servers I'm done with the series. I tried to give them a chance with ghosts, black ops 2 and AW but all three suffered the same issues. I loved and max prestiged ever COD up to MW3 but I'm moving on for now and returning the game today


I feel you i have 85mbps and my games are always lagging,even when i bring my gun up first i still die by getting hit once or twice

Meatyboy1066d ago Show
Scotslassie1066d ago

Dont waste it....after buying it for my husbands birthday, we find out that it can only be played in multi player.
It wont load properly..then when it does after 12 days of trying! it comes up with the messag that it needs to update.
We are n our late 60's and have no idea how to do this and JB Hifi are no help at all.

Hugos1065d ago

Like with all CoDs - still that same. Its seems to be hard for developers to make something fresh in this franchise. Maybe all agreement between developers and publisher are very restricted but how many we can eat that same cutlet? Many modes, zombies and poor SP. Maybe its impressing but not for everyone. And there are PS3/X360 versions, where many features was cutted off. I prefer to wait for new Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, which will be released in next year. Totaly rebuilded concept, where developer decide to make something dangerous, but that step was great and after all gameplays i see that it will be candidate tf the GOTY.