ZTGD | Call of Duty: Black Ops III Review

Ken McKown writes: To most people, Call of Duty is essentially the same game every year. Those that flock out to buy it are there for one thing, and one thing alone: the multiplayer. While I always enjoy the early killing sprees, I rarely partake in that portion even a week after launch. Truth is, people are just too good after launch. So I have started really enjoying the other facets of the package, ones that a lot of people rarely even bother checking out.

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Hugos1157d ago

With CoD comes good known sentence: nothing changed. Is still that same CoD that we were playing last time, and few years ago. Skin pack for maps and mechanics. Many copys form other games like Titanfall, Bioshock, Mirrors Edge. Developer want something new but its not that. More of that new moves which was added to the game are useful only in few moments in SP. MP in CoD is...everyone knews how it looks like. How PS3/X360 versions were cutted is also well kown. I played CODs but form some long time i dont, there're just borining. Actualy i wait till next year, where Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 will have premiere. After seeing screenshots and gamplays im realy interesting in this FPS.