Electronic Theatre In-depth Review: Gears of War CLASSICS

Gears of War launched on the Xbox360 in Europe back in November 2006, subject to an enormous amount of press coverage and PR hype. Being one of the Xbox360's highest profile games – contested perhaps only by Halo 3 - sales in the millions were predictable, as was the forthcoming sequel, Gears of War 2. Now available as part of the Xbox360 CLASSICS range, at a budget price, can Gears of War claim to offer good value for money nearly two years on?

The games' premise is very simple; playing as Marcus Fenix, the player is extracted from Jacinto Maximum Security Penitentiary by Dominic Santiago – the character into whose boots a second player would fill during the complete online and Split-Screen Co-Operative Mode. Immediately...

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Truplaya3720d ago

they should have included the levels made for the PC version to make it more appealing. Still the best game on the 360 though, in my opinion.