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ZaWarudo2042d ago

OoT is the best LoZ game IMO.

WildArmed2041d ago (Edited 2041d ago )

Agreed, OoT was def the best 3D Zelda game. Easily one of my all time fav games.

Majoras Mask was too repetitive unf, fight all bosses every time you reset the day and so on. Still a good game, though I think I prefer Skyward Sword/WW more than MM.

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3-4-52041d ago

They both make the other better because of the connection between the two.

Ocarina of Time did for Action Adventure games what FF7 did for RPG's.

StormLegend2042d ago

Ocarina Of Time is the Best Zelda game ever created.

Gameplay 10/10
Music 10/10
Content 10/10
You feel connected to the game with the Ocarina.
Link looked older and more mature.

MasterCornholio2042d ago

Both are great but what bothers me about Majoras Mask is that it feels like a modified version of OOT.

I love both but i liked OOT better due to the game feeling like a fresh new experience and not having to worry about the time all the stinking time.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart2042d ago

A Link to the Past is the best in my opinion with Ocarina of Time being the second.


well said, snes zelda gets my top vote too

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Summons752042d ago

OOT is the better between the two. LTTP is the best Zelda overall and WIndwaker is so far the best 3D Zelda title while Minish Cap is the best handheld.

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