Street Fighter 5 Interview: Yoshinori Ono on DLC Plans, Beta Woes, and Xbox One Fans

Producer is joined by Matt Dahlgren to discuss big changes to Capcom's flagship franchise.

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LostDjinn1066d ago

This is gonna hurt some feelies.

DivineAssault 1066d ago

Was just thinking the same thing.. He says "theres plenty of time to save $300 to buy a PS4 and its an attractive price".. Then laughs? Wow,i agree with him & at least he's telling the straight up truth.. Better than sugar coating a lie..

Tobsesan1066d ago (Edited 1066d ago )

"What is your message to Street Fighter fans on Xbox One?

O: [Laughs] There’s plenty of time to save $300 before the game comes out. The PlayStation 4 is at a very attractive price point at the moment. [Laughs]"

So the answer to Xbox fans is to save up 300$ to get a system for your game? Sorry dude, but you just made some bad moves with that one. Just say "We are sorry Xbox players cant get theire hands on" or something like this. Dont act like your game will sell big time, its not. Killer Instinct and Mortal Kombat are already out and people keep playing this games. Everyone last gen saw capcom just stealing money from every street fighter fan´with dozens of versions of the same game. I wont support a dev like this.... If its exclusive to one platform thats fine with me but dont act like this.

Spectre_StatusN71066d ago

"Dont act like your game will sell big time, its not. Killer Instinct and Mortal Kombat are already out and people keep playing this games"

When have those franchises EVER outsold Street Fighter???

Tobsesan1066d ago

Actually Mortal Kombat outsold Street Fighter:
The new KI is like a f2p game and you can get seasons, i dont know the numbers of how many people are on that one. I know KI isnt as big as SF. But my point here is that SF wont do that well this time around because they shit on theire fanbase last gen.

ABizzel11066d ago

SF is the biggest fighting game franchise in gaming, and a constant front runner for fighting game tournaments.

MK and Killer Instant (while both good games in their own right), don't have anywhere near the level of fandom SF has. Normally I wouldn't say SF is a console seller, considering it's generally multiplat, but for the majority of fighting game fans, the PS4 became a must have as soon as SFV was announced as an exclusive.

ScaReCrow901066d ago

Well not everyone can afford buying a system for that one game.

This is as bad as tomb raider if not worse since its permanent. and yet no one is shutting on PlayStation the way they did on ms regarding tomb raider.

ABizzel11066d ago (Edited 1066d ago )


If you are primarily a fighting game fan then more than likely you bought a PS or planned on getting one, especially knowing the PS4 has been having superior multiplats, and without question better JP support (which is where most fighting games come from).

It just didn't make sense to buy an XBO if you're primary genre is the fighting genre, unless you just absolutely loved Killer Instinct, in which case you still were likely to buy a PS4 once the SFV deal was announced.

And the difference between SFV and TR has been pointed out countless times, so I honestly don't even feel like doing it all over again if you still haven't got it by now.

I'm not one to say SFV being exclusive is a joy, because there are fans on Xbox as well (and possibly a few on Wii U).

But there's a reason it happened financially. Capcom is in turmoil and hasn't put out 1 AAA franchise this gen.....2 years in. We've gotten spin-offs, remasters, and published exclusives Dead Rising 3, SFV, and Deep Down if it's still in development.

Kratos0Ace1066d ago (Edited 1066d ago )

@ scarecrow:

Its very clear why the Tomb Raider decision hurt ps fans more. The Tomb Raider fanbase is mainly in Playstation. That has always been the case. Tomb Raider reboot and Definitive Edition more than 50% sales came from ps4 and ps3 versions. Almost 75% of total sales actually. So its clear where the fanbase is.

Street Fighter's fanbase is also mainly in ps based on past game sales. The fanbase long abandoned Nintendo as no more Street Fighter games were heading there. Street Fighter sales were meager of xbox all along.

Its simple the PS4 is the console to have for fighting games: Guilty Gear Xrd, King of Fighters 14, Street Fighter V, even Injustice Definitive is only on PS4, ETC...

Kribwalker1066d ago

Which system was the street fighter tournaments on last gen? So when the consoles came out, and you were a street fighter fan that played in these tournaments you would have bought the system that most tournaments were on last gen assuming the same would be this gen would you not? Don't go saying street fighter was always associated with PlayStation. If you said tekken I'd say sure. But street fighter started on Nintendo, moved to ps/Sega then to Xbox/ps with tournaments played on Xbox.

And tomb raider started as a PC Saturn and PlayStation game and was paid exclusivity to PlayStation on consoles for the 2nd game.

gangsta_red1066d ago

"And the difference between SFV and TR has been pointed out countless times,"

There is no difference, why I keep reading that there is a difference is pretty amazing and more fanboy forgiveness for their preferred company.

Capcom was not that hard up that they couldn't afford to make a sequel to their number one selling franchise. A franchise that is king in that genre and that has been supported by them for over 8 years.

I don't know why people just can't accept that Sony paid for SF exclusivity. They did the same as MS did for TR except at least MS and Square had the decency to make it a timed exclusive.

SF had a very healthy community on the 360 and at almost every major tournament event. Sony came in and took that away for every Xbox user. The fact that an Ono article just came out where he changed his story again should tell you this.

Tobsesan1066d ago (Edited 1066d ago )


If you were planning to get a console for fighting games at the beginning of the gen you would get a xbox one. The most tournaments last gen were on Xbox and they had the only exclusive fighting game with Killer Instinct. Ps4 had 0 Fighting games.... And getting the console for this game isnt the answer people were looking forward to.

I also dont get all the dislikes at my top Comment, i pointed out how bad capcom is to theire fans but people like this still suppor it. That is why things like that will never change.

ABizzel11066d ago

@kirb & Tob

The reason XB was lead, was because it was the more popular console early on, it had better online networking, and performance was better on the majority of multiplats that gen. However, every major fighting game still sold better on PS3.

This generation is completely opposite. PS is now the most popular globally and by a big lead already, and Multiplats perform better on PS. And no PS4 had Guilty Gear Xrd very close to launch as well.

The tournament logic is a flawed and stupid one, because these games sells in the millions, and there aren't anywhere near 1 million tournament players for these games.

SF was associated with Nintendo simply because it was the only platform out at the time, which is why SF2 was on both Sega and Nintendo, and the other games came to PS and Saturn, but left Nintendo because Nintendo were charging insane overheads to makes games for N64 cartridges meanwhile it was dirt cheap to make games for PS1 CDs.

ABizzel11066d ago


Show a new AAA Capcom has published this gen......

You can't.

They already said the game was unlikely to come out until much later. Sony stepped in and co-developed the game to get it on PS4. Just like MS co-developed Dead Rising 3 to have it XBO exclusive at launch.

Here we are 2 years into this generation and they've only released remasters, and PSN / XBL games, and won't be releasing a full release until 2016 which is just another Resident Evil spin-off.

Nor is this the first time Capcom has released a Street Fighter game or spin-off exclusively to a console.

The entire EX series was PS exclusive.

The original release of SF3 was Dreamcast exclusive.

And plenty of the VS. series have been exclusive.

TR is absolutely nothing like either of these deals, because TR was being made regardless, and was going to launch on all platform regardless. Square Enix had already released several games, and already have plenty of other games in development, proving they had no need for financial backing for Rise of the Tomb Raider. It was simply done, because MS didn't have their own Uncharted (words straight from Phil Spencer's mouth).

SFV was NEVER shown as anything other than a PS4 / PC game from inception. Capcom hasn't released a single AAA exclusive this generation. Sony co-developed Super SF4 for PS4, and are co-developing SFV.

And in the most simplistic analogy.

Capcom needed money to make their games. Sony went to Capcom funded the game, co-developed it, and that's how SFV became exclusive. The same deal with Dead Rising 3.

Square didn't need money to make their games. They had already released a wave of remakes / remasters (TR, Sleeping Dogs, FFX, FF-T0, FF14, DQX & Deus Ex Wii U, etc...), new games (Theif, Murdered SS, DQ Heroes), several PSN / XBL games, published PLENTY of Activision games in JP (all COD, Diablo, Spiderman), and have have multiple games in development at the same time as TR that are releasing a multiplats such as Just Cause 3, FF15, Hitman, and Deus Ex. There was absolutely no reason for it, besides MS didn't have an answer for Uncharted and paid to make TR that answer.

SF5, is like you having $5 for food, but the meal cost $10. I give you $5 and we split the meal.

TR is like you having the $10 for the food, but your friend gives you $20 to eat it by himself, and just to stop you from sharing with me. But now you have $20 to reorder the food, but now I have to wait for you to order it all over again, and a Black Friday line has formed, and I haven't ate all day....

Same outcome for fans of both franchises, but two very different situations.

Which is another reason why I say I'm all for the single console future.

gangsta_red1065d ago

"Show a new AAA Capcom has published this gen......"

Just did.

"They already said the game was unlikely to come out until much later. Sony stepped in and co-developed the game to get it on PS4."

Of course they would say that. Now you believe any and all things that come out corporate mouth pieces? Co-developed, no, stop using nice, safe terms to paint Sony as a savior of SF. They money-hatted the game to make it exclusive for their system.

All I see is more excuses as you try and make a case for Sony keeping this game off of other systems.

Did Sony "co-develop" the EX series?

Did Sega "co-develop" SFIII?

And plenty of Capcom games made have seen multiplats across all systems as of late. What point are you trying to make?

"because TR was being made regardless, and was going to launch on all platform regardless."

How do you know this? And SFV was going to be made regardless, across all platforms regardless. Until that is Sony stepped in with bags of cash and put a stop to this.

Oh and let's not forget this article:

More PR talk that doesn't really stand in line with your excuses as Ono's and Capcom's seem to change whenever they are asked why is this game exclusive to one console.

You really think that Capcom "needs" the money? That they are so strapped for cash that they can't produce, develop and make their number one franchise that is recognized and played around the world? Yet they can make a Dragon's Dogma Online game?

Sony wanted to lock up SF because last year almost every major tournament played the game on a 360 system. That was free promotion for one of the largest communities to play that game on 360.

Now that Sony money hatted SF and locked it up expect to see them promote their PS4 a lot more at a lot of major SF tourny's. Very smart business wise from Sony.

And didn't Square say that their last TR didn't do the numbers they expected? That it under sold and didn't do well in the market? And MS helped with development, marketing and retail according to Square Enix.

So hey since we're here believing everything that these big company's tell us we should believe that the new TR wouldn't have been as big without MS's help correct?

Lets just all call it as it is, Sony stepped in and threw cash-money down on Capcom's head to make the game exclusive. The dreaded tactic that everyone threw their hands over their heads when MS did the same with TR.

ABizzel11065d ago (Edited 1065d ago )


"Show me a AAA game from Capcom"

Shows a F2P Dragon's Dogma.....

My point exactly. They haven't released a AAA DMC (remasters), Resident Evil (just the B series spin-off, or remasters), SF (PS4 remake), NOTHING.

The only sequels they're made are Dead Rising 3 and SFV, and both are produced and funded by MS and Sony.

Sony Japan is co-developing SFV, just like they co-developed Bloodborne. And SFV is cross-platform PS4 vs PC, just like Final Fantasy 14 which still didn't come to XBO, because as Square said MS wouldn't play ball.

I was simply pointing out the SF games and plenty of their vs games have been exclusive before, so this isn't uncommon or brand new.

"because TR was being made regardless, and was going to launch on all platform do you know this"

Well call me crazy, but isn't TR coming to PC and PS4.... o_o

You really think that Capcom "needs" the money?

Plenty US layoffs

Plenty EU layoffs

Major Japanese Producers are leaving and making their own studios

So in other words.....Yes, they needed money and funding for their games. Could they have done it on their own. Yes, more than likely we would have got SFV in 2018.....5 year into the console generation. Which is why Sony stepped up and produced and co-developed SF4 and SFV to get the game out on PS4 sooner.

Tournament promotion did little of anything maybe selling a few thousand 360's, because the PS3 versions of all those fighting games sold significantly better than the Xbox 360 versions regardless of any tournament promotion.

Since you continue to try to BS your way through the TR debacle, I won't even waste time correcting your blindness anymore regarding that. Square isn't getting any help publishing or developing any of their other games, and yet they also spent money publishing all of Activision's games in JP. But magically they needed help with Tomb Raider....that's still coming to PC and PS4 just later.


You already have your belief on the subject, so don't waste any more of my time.

XanderZane1064d ago

LOL!! No. Gamers are buying PS4's because of Bloodborne, Horizon, Uncharted 4, Last Guardian, etc..., but I doubt anyone is killing themselves for a PS4 because of SFV. The game isn't exclusive. It's also on the PC. No one needs to buy a PS4 to play it. It just shows that Mr. Ono is pretty bias and that will turn a lot of fans off with comments like that. He didn't mention anything about the PC version. Sony must have some puppet strings around his legs, hands and mouth.

gangsta_red1064d ago (Edited 1064d ago )

So wait Dragon's Dogma isn't triple A because it's F2P? Dat logic!!

"I was simply pointing out the SF games and plenty of their vs games have been exclusive before, so this isn't uncommon or brand new."

No, you are simply making up excuses and for some reason won't acknowledge that Sony threw bags of money at Capcom to keep SF an exclusive for their system.

The evidence is right in front of your face and yet you want to still create nice terms like "co-developed" or "funded" to try and get Sony off the same hook you planted MS on for TR.

So waitaminut...a video game company has layoffs and all of a sudden they need help from Sony to make their number one IP? Are you new to the video game business?

Layoffs are part of the industry and happens to every company. That doesn't mean they can't afford to make more games.

"Square isn't getting any help publishing or developing any of their other games..."

Of course not, the whole point was that companies BS and it's hilarious that you can some how see through Square's PR nonsense but are more than ready to defend Sony and Capcom's as truth.

That is the most hilarious part of this conversation.

In closing, Capcom did not need help for one of the most iconic games in history that was eventually going to be on every system regardless.

Sony came in and did not "fund", they did not "co-develop", they paid for exclusivity of SFV, period.

That is all.

ABizzel11064d ago Show
gangsta_red1059d ago (Edited 1059d ago )

And your reading skills are just as bad as the main point is EVERY company has layoffs. Whether it's global or not it's apart of every company in this industry. Doesn't mean Capcom was so hard up for money that they couldn't afford their most profitable IP in their gaming catalog. A game that GUARANTEES them money.

You think that if they were so hard up for money they would spend more of it on a F2P MMO of Dragon's Dogma? A bunch of remasters that probably would bring them in less of a fraction of a profit than a SFV on EVERY system would. Please think about that.

"but Ono said the game wasn't even in development at the time,"

OF COURSE ONO said this, you really, truly believe he would let the cat out of the bag before the big announcement!? Seriously? You really don't think that the game was already in development before hand? That they had footage and a playable demo magically made at the reveal?

C'mon now, be serious! There were already rumors and hints a year before the reveal that Capcom was working on a SFV.

"because the PS3 versions of all those fighting games sold significantly better than the Xbox 360 versions regardless of any tournament promotion."

I love it, that doesn't justify or excuse the fact that Sony paid for SFV on their console. You keep making up excuses and it's hilarious to read all of them as you dance around the one true fact. Sony PAID for SFV to be exclusive on their system.

"Which is why Sony stepped up and produced and co-developed SF4 and SFV to get the game out on PS4 sooner."

It's pointless to continue because you are basically believing everything that Capcom and Sony are spoon feeding you and trying to defend this as something different from TR. Even though Square and CD have also gone on record saying that the last TR underperformed.

You like to use buzz words like "co-developed" and "funded" in an attempt to make it something noble, all the while it's the exact same thing you are trying to crucify MS for.

It's hilarious that you call me blind but refuse to see this for yourself and all on the word of Capcom and Sony two partners who exchanged money for the game. Lol.

"yet the clown just keeps going on and on....but what can you expect from a clown besides ignorance and buffoonery."

Ah yes, when proven wrong go straight for the insults. Nice.

DigitalRaptor1059d ago (Edited 1059d ago )

LOL @ Gangsta making up his own stories again and acting like what he PERSONALLY thinks happened proves anything. Dude, starting your argument with "do you really think that....." or "you really don't think...." followed by whatever you think will validate your argument, gives you no credibility when all you ever do is defend Xbox fans and attack Sony fans, and never vice versa, for your own agenda. It just makes you appear to be condescending, deliberately or not.

Notice how you didn't respond to my comment on Capcom having just $152 million at their disposal, which is atrociously bad for a gaming company of their status with the heavyweight IPs they have under their belt. Any focus on a AAA project at that point is going to be a gamble. That doesn't compare with you trying to compare them with Sony or Microsoft's first party studios, or EA's studios either. I guess those facts were too much to acknowledge.

So yes... that is exactly the kind of behaviour you would expect from a company in those kinds of dire straits. Apprehensive, careful and patient. Their executives are not going to immediately green-light a AAA project that could potentially eat into up to a third of their overall project budget - which includes development and marketing, and not have them return on it.

And... BOOM. This is the confidence that Capcom has for their own franchise internally. This is how they feel towards a larger budget on even their AAA IPs. Are the pieces starting to fit for you yet?

Additionally, I haven't ever seen a game has been co-developed by Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo and then ended up on a rival console. That just never happens. So again, as much as you're trying to compare this to Tomb Raider...... nope. Microsoft didn't co-develop and the game is going to other platforms because of it. The deals or "scenarios" if you will, are not the same.

The best bit? "Sony PAID for SFV to be exclusive on their system." - Your comment is 99% theoretical. You're this desperate, you still didn't post legitimate proof or any details that could even begin to be taken and looked up, but your mind's eye believes you did.

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thejigisup1066d ago

No, I'm pretty sure that's a legit response.

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Enigma_20991066d ago

This will probably be the first Street Fighter game where I wait for the GOTY edition. Maybe then I can get a complete game.

Fro_xoxo1066d ago

Thank goodness I'm not into beat em ups.

even then, I'd have PS4 to play it still...


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