Sony and Nintendo will tie in hardware race, says former SCEE boss

Gamesindustry writes, "Speaking at the Edinburgh Interactive Festival this morning, former SCEE president Chris Deering predicted Sony and Nintendo will tie in the hardware sales stakes by 2011."

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MURKERR3811d ago

dvd9 is starting to crack already

dan-boy3810d ago

by 2011 i hope to have the next xbox sitting under my HD tv...a long with nintendos new console.

just going by some of the things said on here, it must really hurt sony fanboys to see the 360 doing so well, and their beloved ps3 doing not even half of what the other playstations have done. considering the size of the install base and the size of the brand, the ps3 is a shadow of the ps1 & ps2.

a 2011 admission from sony is laughable. FIVE years to catch nintendo!! just shows how far they have fallen.

nieto3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

dan-boy you really are crazy. the x360 and ps3 are doing about the same. the x360 has a slight edge thanks to the one year head start but the ps3 have been selling a little better.

the casual love the Wii so i don't think that's gonna stop soon. just wait for xmas. the Wii's going to be sold out everywhere. f*** that piece of crap.

TresTrendu3810d ago

This dood is high, from what i don't know. But it is the bomb i can tell you that.

Kratos Spartan3810d ago

it's too early for talk like that. Sounds like nervous talk to me. Try again next year.

Bladestar3810d ago

what do you mean early? the xbox 360 would have 5-6 years into the generation... which is the average console lifecycle... only sony is doing the 10 year old crap... 2010-2011 is more than enough for a new xbox.... obviously this is not something Sony wants to hear because they need to make some money before thinking about another console.. but that's not the case with microsoft... I can't wait for microsoft to release a new xbox with probably 2-3 more power than the xbox 360... more cores... 2-4GB of ram... DirectX 11... and PS3 games look like poop compared to the Crysis looking games on the next xbox...

it's obvious that Sony is banking that once the next xbox or Nintendo console people will buy the PS3 for their games; hence them beating previous gen consoles.. just like their PS2 keep selling after we are half way into this gen... I personally don't care if the PS3 is selling better than the xbox 360 when the 720 is out... just like I don't care that the PS2 is still selling after the new xbox is out.

Kratos Spartan3810d ago

i was talking about how danboy said the PS3 is not doing half of what the previous ones did. It's too early in its lifecycle to say something like that. I mentioned nothing about any other system. Just another fanboy putting words in my mouth. You went on a rant and just made stuff up to fit your needs. Yea I agree that 5-6 years is the average console lifecycle. But the PS3 is not your average console.

At first Micro and its fanboys were saying its all about the games. And it was, and still is all about the games for the 360. Sony is approaching with a different strategy. Why do you think they sold over 100 million with their first two consoles? Sony wants all markets of entertainment. Hence the multi-media capabilities of the Playstation brand. Hey, I want Micro to succeed just as much as you do, cuz its just more games out there to play. Its just that the Xbox brand will never be as big as the Playstation brand. It was proven with the first Xbox because it got dumped. But you'll probably find a way to spin this, and I can't wait. Entertain me.

faisdotal3810d ago

MS will lose imo. They need people who work for them to ride them to sucess. 3'rd parties will bite them back in the as (Bioshock) and Sony (Final Fantasy).

Sony told us thier decision and MS still using the failed route to success.

Ju3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

Good luck for the 720 then (BS^^). At that time it will have to compete against a below <$200 BlueRay-enabled-HD PS3. Hopefully they'll add WiFi to the new console then, at least. And I hope it will be 100% backwards compatible. Otherwise they'll do it again and will split their own market for no reason.

morganfell3810d ago

5-6 years is a console life average? Not if Microsoft's history is any indicator.

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Omega43811d ago

Well unless the PS3 can outsell the 360 consistantly and by a LARGE margin every month i dont think the PS3 will ever surpass the 360 let alone by 30ml units

La Chance3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

and it looks like no console actually outsells the other (360 and ps3) for more than a couple of months.With the mini price cut and the jrpgs coming out in Japan for 360 , the 360 is starting to outsell the ps3 worldwide again thus pushing back the day the PS3 will "catch up"

The PS3 and 360 I think are going to tie this gen.But I still think its a bit too soon.Remeber early 2008 people were saying the 360 was dead...well...alot of consoles would love to die they way the 360 is dying right now.

I just really dont see the PS3 or 360 leaving the other one in the dust this gen.

..........Now catching up with the Wii will be more than impossible if they cant even blow past the 360.

krakdol3810d ago

Don't be fanboys. Nobody outsells anybody right now, it's the 'dead season' for video games. Let's talk about that at the end of the year. Sony has constantly outsold 360 worldwide in holiday seasons so Sony predictions should be accurate.

Mausenheimmer3810d ago

@2.2 Of course consoles sell right now. Perhaps not as much as they do in the holidays, but a console sold now counts just as much as a console sold then.

Kratos Spartan3810d ago

Nah, the PS3 will go on to sell 100 million, just like it's brothers did. But the 360 is a tricky beast, I'm not sure what it will do. And unless some changes are made with games, I just can't see the Wii passing the 70 million mark, if that. But hey, I'm nobody special, and these are just my opinions.

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ape0073811d ago

there still no indicator for any console to win

ps3 sells well

360 with price cut will sell like hot cakes

and the wii is still selling crazy

my prediction:wii will outsell both ps3 and 360(who cares casuel games suck)

the 360 and ps3 meather one of them gonna outsell the other by a very,very small margin

InMyOpinion3811d ago

Wasn't that supposed to happen in 2007? And then the PS3 would surpass the 360? Or was it this year? Those analysts change their story every month.

InMyOpinion3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

I misread the title at first, I thought he was talking about the PS3 catching up with the 360. With the Wii?! Is he serious?

sugard03810d ago

I dont recall any analysts stating the PS3 overtaking the 360 this year. It will most likely be neck and neck with it by the end of 2009.

SuperM3810d ago

Instead of making stupid comments like "that is never gonna happen" lets just wait and see. Wouldnt surprise me if this actually happend, and if it does, people laughing at this will look very stupid.

InMyOpinion3810d ago

Yeah, the people who claimed the PS3 would catch up with the 360 in 2007, and then in 2008, look really really stupid now. What were they thinking?

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socomnick3810d ago

Wonder what kind of crack this guy has been smoking.

Surfman3810d ago

the same has Microsoft's direction smoke for saying that they are winning everytime.

nieto3810d ago

LOL surfman you make me laugh

theKiller3810d ago

but i still think ps3 will be selling like hot cakes while wii is dead after 2-3 years!

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