Sega ships 500,000 Phantasy Star Portable in Japan

According to this Watch Impress piece, Sega's now shipped more than 500,000 units of PSP title Phantasy Star Portable in Japan. The game is topping the Japanese chart at the moment, becoming the next big PSP success after the waning of Capcom's Monster Hunter

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kingme713722d ago

Got to give the PSP credit, it is starting to put up a fight in Japan against the DS.

kittoo3722d ago

Cause its a really wonderful hardware. Its the best gadget I own.....

xjxdoggystyyle3722d ago

if ne one wants a homebrew/hacked psp with every nintendo game/ hundreds of snes /sega genesis games and some ps1 games..including 3 psp comes sellin mine :)

here it is if interested

andron3722d ago

Have been playing GoW and Crisis Core FFIIV to death.

Not a big fan of Phantasy Online, but great PSP is doing well over there...

silvacrest3722d ago

after playing the 360 version of this i thought the series would probably end there (yeah, it was that bad) but im glad i was wrong

mistertwoturbo3722d ago

Well it's the japanese market. They have just very different tastes in video games.

SolidSnake933722d ago

Phantasy Star> Monster Hunter

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