5 PlayStation Experience PS4 announcements that would bring the house down

PlayStation Universe takes a look at some of the announcements that would lift the roof of PlayStation Experience next month.

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Sir_Simba1159d ago (Edited 1159d ago )

The only game there I'm not even given a speculation chance is the Last of us 2, or any new game from naughty Dog in the next 2 years for that matter.

I can say expect a new game from them in 2018. Also something new from rockstar has a higher chance of cropping up.

madmonkey011159d ago

wouldnt be too surprised to see a last of us 2 late 2017

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S2Killinit1158d ago

Got of War has the highest chance of showing up I think. But who knows. I'm also looking forward to any new IPs. I loves my new Ips.