New Just Cause 3 video shows game running in maximum detail 4K resolution

Avalanche Studios have released a video for Just Cause 3 which shows the game in maximum detail thanks to 4k resolution.

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airshiraz1117d ago

am i the only who hates 4k?
its better than 1080 p but its nowhere as good as 1080 p with nvidia dsr

Volkama1117d ago

Lol. Wild guess, you have a 1080p screen don't you?

airshiraz1117d ago

no bro i bought a samsung 55 inch 4k tv and i sold my 1080 p tv and i really wanted to enjoy 4k and i tried but i didnt and i need my 1080 p tv back
i even played 4k ready games like mgs5 phantom and call of duty advanced and were dissapointing and i really prefer 1080 p with nvidia dsr

Lon3wolf1117d ago

I wouldn't use a TV as a monitor personally.

airshiraz1117d ago

why?whats the difference?

Meltic1117d ago

Dude if you play with 4k you dont even need NVIDIA's TXAA or SSAO or HBAO+. 4k is crystal clear.

airshiraz1117d ago

aa is better but why ambient?

Skate-AK1116d ago

I would be fine with using a TV as a monitor but there are a difference. Monitors have a much lower input lag than a TV would. That really only matters if you are super competitive in shooters. They also have a much higher color range. Personally I would choose 1080p OLED over 4K.

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shammgod1117d ago

this game is going to be crazy fun