Gamerknights: Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 review

GamerKnights has reviewed Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 for Xbox One.

Here is a snippet:

"Firstly, many of the levels feature some much larger areas which allow you to choose your path forwards. Whilst you’re not as mobile as last year’s Advanced Warfare, you can still double jump and wall-run early in the game, and many levels feature pleasing amounts of verticality and alternate paths through small sections. On tops of that, there’s a huge number of cybernetic abilities to choose from, tailored to your personal style. Would you prefer to hack into robots, disabling them? Or perhaps sneaking past them by cloaking? Or turn them to fighting for your own side? All of which can be possibilities depending on the upgrades which you choose over time."

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GamerKnights1065d ago

Let us know what you think of our review! Is it better then Black Ops II?

CPTN MITCHELL1064d ago (Edited 1064d ago )

camp of duty lag ops 3..this game is trash the single story is bad you get lost half way and is just bad all around,now the multiplayer the game is a camp fest every single map is nothing but campers,the spawn system is a××,the guns way over power,the i shot first = death is bs and when you hit the enemy 10 times and you get kill with a 3 burst gun,kill cam showing how u only get hit once or twice and yet you are hitting the enemy more but you end up dying and let's not forget the specialist over power bs. I have 85mbps so why do i lag so much? The reason people didn't like advanced warfare was because they couldn't camp as much, the game is like ghost garbage. Tell the truth when reviewing a game and the score of 8.7/10 is too high. If the game is so good then why gamestop have so many used copy