PS4 Sales Pass 2,000,000 Units in Japan After Several Solid Weeks

The PS4 managed to retain a positive momentum in Japan after the price cut launched on October 1st, and a series of solid weeks brought a new sales milestone.

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DonkeyDoner1065d ago

gratz!! 2016 5-6 million?

Abriael1065d ago

Took about 1.5 years to get to 2, so they really need to push on the game to get there.

Abash1065d ago

If you look at all the big Japanese Ps4 games planned for next year and factor in PlayStation VR, I say hitting 5 million sales in the region is very realistic by the end of 2016

S2Killinit1065d ago

Playstations are like wine, they get better with time.

amiga-man1065d ago (Edited 1065d ago )

It is good to see the PS4 picking up momentum in Japan, looking forward to the unique gaming experiences that their developers always seem to come up with

DonkeyDoner1065d ago

someone didnt check ps4 line up for 2016

freshslicepizza1065d ago

"Playstations are like wine, they get better with time."

the ps3 launched in japan November 2006, it passed the 2 million mark april 2008. 18-19 months. the ps4 by comparison launched february 2014 and just passed 1.5 million.

the ps4 is a huge success around the world but japan has been in a decline for many years for console gaming. the relevance for japan is getting smaller and smaller which probably explains why sony, who resides from japan, decided to launch there later.

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bf0007779661065d ago (Edited 1065d ago )

although Japanese game market is dominated by smart phone, consoles still look very promising(except for the xbox one).

nitus101064d ago

What you actually have to ask is why do people in Japan and also the rest of the world prefer gaming on smart phones in comparison to consoles?

Basically smart phones are used in communication when you are on the go and are great for some games when waiting or traveling. Hence there are many more smart phones than gaming consoles.

Consoles on the other hand are really designed for home use and are not suitable for people on the move or waiting whilst outside their home.

I don't know if anyone has done any surveys but do gamers who play on their smart phones while out still game on their smart phones when they return to their house or do they prefer a to display a game on their large screen FHD or UHD TV via their console?

Personally I do think there are so many more casual gamers than PC/Console gamers that the numbers will be skewed towards the casual gamer who just really wants a quick gaming experience especially when they are away from home.

I personally can not get into RPG's on smart phones preferring console/PC RPG's although I don't have any problems playing Angry Birds or Solitaire when traveling.

CartBlanche1065d ago

Helping the PS4 world wide cause.

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MasterCornholio1065d ago

Good to see it sell much better than before.


TwoForce1065d ago

Playstation is unstoppable !

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The story is too old to be commented.