How to get Destiny’s 16 best weapons


"The days of Thorn are over. The Vex Mythoclast is out. Year one Red Death is now the forgotten ‘first child’ of the family, and all the love and attention has been redirected towards the younger, better-looking year two version. The list of Destiny’s essential guns has changed dramatically with the arrival of Oryx - and The Taken King expansion - but after you’ve read this guide you’ll know exactly what they are, exactly how to get them, and be ready to start tracking your progress back to elite firepower."

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aemosier1091d ago

Looks like I need to head home and start searching asap.

maybelovehate1091d ago (Edited 1091d ago )

Nirwen's Mercy needs to be on that list. And Telesto of course.

FamilyGuy1091d ago

This is a really old story that they've seemed to have updated, all the comments are from July.

Seraphim1090d ago

Rewind time and play so called Year 1 Destiny? Or better yet, wait for Destiny 2?

while that's where I'm at some of those are solid weapons. It was not the best Scout to ever grace Destiny but the Hung Jury being sold from the Dead Orbit vendor is solid-great. While it's no Fatebringer the Hunter exclusive via Gunsmith Ace of Spades was about the only decent year 2 hand cannon [well there's still Hawkmoon I guess]. the Susanoo, Warlock specific Fusion via Gunsmith as well is killer.

However I'd have to say or argue the Black Spindle is better than the 1000 Yard Stare. That is unless you get a version of 1000Y w/ the extended mag and triple tap to bring your shots fired per mag to 7. Considering how rare and tough it is to actually stumble on one I'd say the Black Spindle should be on that list instead of the 1000 Yard. 2 cents. Touch of Malice was fun in the Raid but outside it I never saw or had much use for it. Is a good list though. Never been a fan of Pusle Rifles but Hawksaw is beastly and so on.