Star Wars Battlefront: Potential DLC heroes and villains from Chewbacca to Lando

This week sees the release of EA's highly-anticipated Star Wars Battlefront, a game that casts players as the everyday soldiers fighting the war between the Empire and the Rebellion. It also casts them as the iconic heroes and villains of the original trilogy, who can offer an edge in battle.

More heroes and villains will be added to the game in upcoming expansions and updates, as EA announced while detailing the game's season pass. IBT takes a look at who could be included.

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oriononer1090d ago

The sense I am getting as a potential buyer of this game is that Star Wars Battlefront costs 110 dollars.

SpinalRemains1381090d ago

It costs 60 dollars.

I didn't buy anything extra and the game is totally a blast.

Dont listen to all the negativity about the game. Most of the hate is based on things which aren't true.

SegaGamer1090d ago

That "extra" stuff isn't extra stuff though. If this was the PS2 days do you think all of that "extra" stuff would be sold seperately ? no, it would be in the game from the start.

spaceg0st1090d ago (Edited 1090d ago )

Yoda, lando and Chewie seem like they're intentionally left out of the game in order to capitalize on dlc. I would expect to see them some point down the road. A Death Star level also seems like an obvious choice for a level set which I would imagine will also be milked down the road for dlc. I'm loving the graphics/audio and attention to detail, but like that guy said, this is more like a $110 game, which is a little frustrating.

ufo8mycat1090d ago

Cut Content from the core game and soLd. as DLC. Firstly thIs should be illegal, but people need to stop supporting this.

SpinalRemains1381090d ago

I agree, but this should not prevent you from buying the standard game.

The game itself has plenty of content. Just dont pay for the extra stuff and you're good.