Microsoft: "The Wii third party game story is not a pretty one"

Microsoft has hit back at claims made by Nintendo that the Wii sells the most third party games, saying instead that it's Xbox 360 sells the most.

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ape0073723d ago

ms should say

our 1st party game story is not a good one

for 1st party games both sony and nintendo has good ones

microsoft use rare well

X_GAMER_X3723d ago

The result is that xbox sells most of the games. Developers wants money, 360 Gives them money. Easy math.

And I cant come a cross a game that sold more then MS first party title. Halo ;)

How many first party title sony has that sold more than 3 mill?


Fishy Fingers3723d ago

and what relevance does that hold to the article? None, it's a poor attempt to bash MS. If the subject matter doesn't interest you don't read the story.

This is MS response to Nintendo's claim, lets stick to the subject shall we? Either way, looking at the figures, Nintendo were definitely mistaken.

WIIIS13723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

Ape, stop making a fool of yourself. Sony's 1st party games do not sell anywhere near MS' 1st party games. You and your kind can go on and on deluding yourselves about how Sony's games are in your personal biased opinions allegedly better, but the facts and figures you can't run away from.

ape0073723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

I know figures

I know quality

go have fun with figurs

a game that sells a lot doesn't mean that it's good

70% of gamers who bought halo 3 thinks that cod 4 is much better

gears of war is the only good ms 1st party game

if you care about sales,just wait and see wii sports resorts

nieto3723d ago

you know nothing ape. you say that the N64 it's one of the best console of all times... LOL

tordavis3723d ago

"I know figures
I know quality
go have fun with figurs
a game that sells a lot doesn't mean that it's good
70% of gamers who bought halo 3 thinks that cod 4 is much better
gears of war is the only good ms 1st party game
if you care about sales,just wait and see wii sports resorts "

Fanboy retoric.

dantesparda3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

Is to defensive, and spins everything. And they are also the most attackive of the 3. And the most arrogant. The Wii is kicking its a$$, face it!

TresTrendu3723d ago

The wii has only 3 good games on the console anyways. Mario, Zelda, Smash Bros. IMO anyways.

orakga3723d ago

...a Wii fanboy.

Because noone could possibly be as unintelligent as he pretends to sound.

(and I love how the PS3 + 360 "fanboys" are slowly starting to coalesce; because in the end, we're all too similar in too many regards)

riskibusiness3723d ago

I think the only 1st party MS game I haven't bought I Perfect dark 0. Most of them are pretty good. My favorite on the Wii is not a 1st party game, Resident Evil iv Wii edition. The only game I like on the PS3 that doesn't exist on another platform is a 3rd party title MGS4. To say MS 1st party titles are weak is not correct. Wii first party titles are good, but not something I yearn to play. the line up of PS3 1st party titles is starting to look promising. I just hope all this competition will continue to drive the cost/price down on games and hardware accessories. All three of these companies being so close competitively is a very good thing for gamers.

Shane Kim3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

Sony's first party games don't sell? Just take any of the GT games. They have sold more than anything MS can come up with. God of War series have also very respectable sales.

LJWooly3722d ago

Shane, you're promoting the wrong company!

kevin11123722d ago

xgamer, gran turismo pretty much demolishes halo in total sales and individually .

JD_Shadow3722d ago

Yeah, look who's talking, lmao.

kevin11123722d ago

you can disagree with my comment but it doesnt change facts, So have a nice day :)

TheDude2dot03722d ago

AHHHH!!! No one is safe from Microsoft's PR Hate Machine! Not even the Wii! Which is kicking everyone's nuts!

Tomdc3722d ago

i'm sorry but so...

wats the point in this?

if your gunna tell us stuff, tell us about good things your doing, not obvious weaknesses in competitors.

Skadoosh3722d ago

"70% of gamers who bought halo 3 thinks that cod 4 is much better"

Congratulations!!! That is the dumbest thing I have read since I been here. :)

TheDude2dot03722d ago


He is a reliable source. He has graphs and everything.

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Omega43723d ago

I dont see why Nintendo see the need to lie about this, the best Wii games are first party, the best selling games are first party its a win win for Nintendo. Do they even need third party games.

Fishy Fingers3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

"Do they even need third party games"

Possibly not, but with another console in the works, possibly a "next-gen" console at that, this is not the time for Nintendo to burn any bridges with 3rd party developers. Still making up numbers is not the correct way to go about getting them on side.

orakga3723d ago

Yes, and also because although their 1st party titles have certainly allowed them to secure a very nice position in the market, the longer-term battle relies much more on 3rd party titles.

So when there is prevalent market "speculation" that 3rd party titles don't sell well on the Wii, they need to come up with a way to make sure that the 3rd party developers' next games do not move to the PS360s.

This is an image-game. And the audience is the corporate execs at 3rd party developers. (who dont really do their own homework)

ape0073723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

the wii without first party games is a trash

360 has decent first party games and a sh!tload of 3rd party games

sony has awesome1st an 3rd party support but the real problem with ps3,that it has a bad start and it released a year after the 360

jidery3722d ago

The year wait was a good one, they released a complete that that is impossable to overheat

sure the PS3 doesnt have a lot of games, but it has enough to get through and has plenty on the way....

its never about quantity its about quality

Monteblanco3723d ago

Microsoft, as usual, careful choose their numbers to support their story. So we should compare the game sales of an already established console against two new competitors? This hardly make any sense. However, comparing the first 20 months of each console, the Wii's third party sales beats the XBox 360's, despite the presence of the competition <

titntin3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

Absolutely. Microsofts spin doctors are in full flow trying to confuse the easilly dazzled again, but you can't argue with NPD data and simply showing title sales since launch.

Facts are facts, and Nintendo told the truth despite MS protetsting 'black is actually white'.

Edit lol at the disagreements - the chart is absolute truth of the matter!

The 3rd Place3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )


Read the article. Yes, R E A D the article. You really should do that more often.

orakga3723d ago

Bubbles for you Mont.
I almost missed that.

ItisI3723d ago

The article was about the first 19 months of life of each console. It isn't a fair comparison if a console has been out for 12 months longer.