Fallout 4 Full Dialogue Mod Released

A Fallout 4 full dialogue mod lets you properly choose your dialogue options, thanks to paraphrase being replaced by full dialogue lines.

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Aurenar1064d ago

We should stop paying bethesda and we should start paying modders.

Imp0ssibl31064d ago

That's really exaggerated

vanity291064d ago

Are paid mods making a come back?

Takwin1064d ago

Paid mods are disallowed.

SilverClock1064d ago

YES. Donating to people who volunteer their time to improve the game for everybody. Why people would disagree with that is beyond me.
Stop paying Bethesda though..NOPE. Fallout 4 is DAMN AWESOME.

Perjoss1064d ago

You answered your own question, people disagreed because they are happy to pay Bethesda for games like Fallout 4.

SilverClock1064d ago (Edited 1064d ago )

No Perjoss I wasn't talking about that specifically. I was talking about people disagreeing with paying for mods. Not disagreeing with his comment, but disagreeing with paying for mods.

Chris_Wray1064d ago

That... could be okay. There are times where the short things leave it up to guessing what the writers meant, but putting the full response in seems like it could be a bit of overkill.

nX1064d ago

What Bethesda did was really dumb, these people just try to fix it.

Testfire1063d ago

Yes, I really hate the "sarcastic" option especially. I don't really use mods, but this one I'm using. Thanks modders!

SilverClock1064d ago (Edited 1064d ago )

I wonder if there's a mod to where they remove the collision on the companions so I can walk through them. I'll have to look.
And a more detailed settlement interface!!! Having to guess at what settler is currently assigned to what is a nightmare without dressing each one up individually according to their roles.

1064d ago
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