PS4 Gets Awesome Themes Showing Earth from Space with Real-Time Lighting by Truant Pixel

Every time the team at Truant Pixel releases new themes, it's hard not to be impressed. Yesterday they hit the North American PSN again with their Azure Earth Holographic Dynamic Theme and Azure Earth Orbital Dynamic Theme.

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twiggytree121067d ago

These are outstanding! I'm ready to buy

The_KELRaTH1067d ago

Not really impressed as it's something users could create with ease if they weren't blocked from having the editor.

MeteorPanda1067d ago

lkr, l wish l could edit my own theme with sound and icons /sigh

nix1067d ago

this reminds me of PS3 cancer project - [email protected]

PudgeyBurrito1067d ago

My thoughts exactly. They need to get the [email protected] one on the PS4. It was awesome.

Null1067d ago

Great, more crappy themes from Hacks. Why can't we make our own themes anymore? You can on the VITA, PSTV, PSP and PS3. Most of the themes these guys create are just shameless copies from free ones that users created. Why is it that the only themes that are free are advertisements?

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