New Xbox One Experience: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Gadgets 360 says: "Nonetheless, it's not perfect. Sharing content isn't as easy as it should be and ads on your home screen are still a questionable inclusion. However, much like a steady supply of exclusive games are important to keep existing console owners piqued, the update cycle and turnaround time in transforming the Xbox One's dashboard with new features and additions is slowly becoming as important. The level of support is heartening.

With that in mind, the New Xbox One Experience is a step in the right direction simply because it has succeeded where it matters most, keeping us optimistic about the console's prospects in the months to come."

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gamer78041091d ago

the OS is less stable, some apps crash more. Movies & TV app full of frame rate issues on every video. No more monthly leaderboards among friends.

gamer78041091d ago

@disagrees. Which part in what I said is not correct? It's not an opinion, just stating facts

jcole971091d ago

The part about the leaderboards was true. Everything else, not so much. Mine works fine. Maybe you need to reboot your console.

stiggs1091d ago

It's only a fact from your perspective...which technically makes it an opinion.

stiggs1091d ago

"frame rate issues on every video".

I haven't experiences any of these frame rate issues. In the early builds a few of the apps (Showtime) crashed consistently but these problems have been rectified.

Maybe there is something wrong with your system.

Rob Hornecker1091d ago

I feel your pain to a extent! I agree on missing the monthly leaderboards

The thing that gets me the most is that this NXBOE is NOT what they made it out to be at this years E3. Where is the interlaced invite friend to party and/or game while you still playing your current game?
That feature doesn't work for me....or is that way for everyone?

Having the xb1 since a week after launch and a xbox and xbox 360 for years I feel that the NXBOE is a step backwards in being user friendly compared to the 360 and old xb1 dashboard.

vikingland11091d ago

Only issue I have is it takes too many steps to share game clips. Other than that I like it.

1091d ago
mark_parch1091d ago

I love the new UI all the things I use are one button away. My only problem is achievements always opens in snap and I can't remove games from the ready to install list

jcole971091d ago

Go to your profile and open achievements from there.

jcole971091d ago

Never had a problem installing xbox 360 games.

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