56% of global mobile game revenue is being generated in Asia

According to a new report by video game research outfit EEDAR, the mobile game market will have generated over $25 billion in yearly revenue by the end of 2015, with over half of that coming out of the Asia Pacific (APAC) region.

As it stands, North America is the most lucrative market, generating $5.14 billion this year alone.

Collectively, however, APAC continues to be the fastest growing market, with the region, which includes Japan, South Korea, and China, supporting roughly 50 percent of the world's mobile game players, who are currently generating 56 percent of the world's mobile revenue.

Breaking that down, Japan, a country with a player base of 45.8 million, generated $5.16 billion last year. China's 314.8 million-strong player base generated $5.01 billion, while South Korea's 19.3 million mobile gamers added an extra $1.37 billion to the pile.

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