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"The Death Star hangs ominously over a war erupting on the forest moon of Endor. A cacophony of laser fire lights up the darkened tree canopy, drowned out by the clanking of an Imperial AT-ST on the march. The walker is clearing a path to a hidden Rebel base deep within the forest. If this stronghold falls, the war is over. The Rebels are outgunned and seconds away from defeat when Luke Skywalker’s iconic green lightsaber ignites and he springs to action. Luke bats away Stormtroopers like flies, chops down the AT-ST, and the Rebels suddenly have momentum again. The tide of war has shifted to their advantage."

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OB1Biker1068d ago (Edited 1068d ago )

If GI gives this game a lower score than they gave the Order 1886 (even though I enjoyed this game) because 'a little short' then there s something definitely wrong with reviews.
Edit: I get you can't compare different genres but the scores don't reflect the numbers of hours spent having fun and are meaningless.
I mean, I'm all for the quality of the experience you are looking for, and it's all matter of preference really if you like a gameplay, but the content being the main point on the rating doesn't make sense here (even if it also matters of course).

Septic1068d ago

Content could in many instances be linked with enjoyment. For instance, your enjoyment is limited due to the lack of maps and variety in the game. Halo 4 for instance hardly had any maps and whilst the MP was decent, it got stale very quickly.

Compound that lack of content with gameplay which is serviceable but not incredible and then it can all wear thin.

madmonkey011068d ago

this game is geting mixed reviews but i expect i will really enjoy it anyway.

Rookie_Monster1067d ago

Wow...gameinformer usually gives out high scores for Hyped AAA games and for them to give it a low 7.5, it really does fall in line with what everyone is saying thus far.