Fallout 3 Reclassified MA15+ in Australia "Huzzah!"

XboxOZ360 reports:

Today the OFLC has revealed that Fallout 3 has been reclassified
for Australian standards to the MA15+ rating.

It is rated MA15 for: "Strong Violence, Drug Use, and Coarse Language"

Lets hope the alterations to the game are only just for the renaming of official drugs to fictional ones, and nothing more.

Rumor is that even with the earlier banning of the Fallout 3, we might still be recieveing the game around the same time it launches World Wide, so lets hope that us Aussies dont fall too far behind the rest of the gaming community!

What does this mean for us? It means we have faith in gaming developers that they will try and bring the games we are eagerly waiting for even if our rating system is flawed. It means that large developers are also pushing for a R18+ rating in Australia, and that can only be a good thing...

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MK_Red3816d ago

Nice but seriously, how did the gore and violence get past their rating? They'll probably censor some of the gory deaths like Gears.

Superfragilistic3816d ago

Hopefully they didn't pull the "bloody mess" perk, because it wouldn't be Fallout without it. :(

In Oz, we rarely have issues with violence or sex, so long as it's in context and stylised. So games such as NG2, Mass Effect and Gears haven't had any problem getting past.

Where it's a problem is if there's not a clear distinction between reality and fantasy when depicting real life illegal behaviour in video games. So the ability of becoming addicted and to use a real life prescribed drug such as Morphine caused the refusal. Hopefully Bethesda did the bare minimum and simply changed the name of the drug to something fictional like juice, jive, etc...

xhi43816d ago

they'd just bring R18 classification in!

Godem3816d ago

Yeah Hopefully Mr Atkinson gets enough death/other threats to consider changing his mind..

stupid everyone must be in agreement rule! This is not a court of law! (kinda lol)

Godem3816d ago

fairly well said Super, I it really is quite strange how flexible the system is...

bring on R18!

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The story is too old to be commented.