How to Download PS4 Games to your PC

This guide will show you how to set up and download your PS4 games to your PC. This method provides a faster download rate, as well as the opportunity to use your PC as an external hard drive for all your downloadable content such as DLC, games, and patches.

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ScorpiusX1119d ago ShowReplies(1)
conjurdevil1119d ago

maybe you can just use backup option?

Cocomelts1119d ago

The backup option does not allow you to backup just one game and copy it back when you want it again. You have to backup your entire PS4 hard drive and restore it. Kind of pointless if you want to restore one game.

freshslicepizza1119d ago

here is the best solution to all of this.

1. allow external hard drive support.

2. allow background downloads that can be used with a universal app that works on the pc and tablet and mobile smartphone which can wake up your ps4 to allow it to download the game when you are not at home. (maybe they already allow this but i know they don't for external hard drives)

3. allow your ps4 to use alternative servers. why is your console slower to download than the pc is capable of? sony needs to invest in more servers so they don't fluctuate so much depending on load and location.

Saranya1119d ago

Play PS4 games on PC in the future.

vanity291119d ago

Wayyyyyy in the future.

s45gr321119d ago

Probably by 2020 PS Now arrives on PC/Smartphones allowing the user to play PlayStation games on any device. PS Now is PS5

s45gr321119d ago

Ummm I will wait for PS Now on PC 😼

WoshJills1119d ago

I really hope they add network play like the Xbox app on Windows 10.

PS1, PS2, and PS4 games need to be added onto PS Now as well. Is it still technically in beta? Hopefully it won't be like PlayStation Home -- that thing was in beta nearly the entire lifespan of the PS3.