The Wii U is Officially 3 Years Old

Having launched on November 18th, 2012 — the Wii U has now officially been on the market for 3 years and counting.

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Rivitur1065d ago

I don't think they keep counting age after you're dead.

Big_Game_Hunters1065d ago

1.yes they do
2.The 2 best wiiu games aren't even out yet.

WickedLester1064d ago

If they're not even out yet, how do you know they're the best? :-D

3-4-51064d ago

WickedLester......You are a disgusting human being.

If you don't know that Legend of Zelda U is going to be good, then you don't understand games.

Go back to your Troll Pit.

pcz1065d ago

the wiiu was shipped dead

BullyMangler1064d ago (Edited 1064d ago )

thats true. wiiU was quite a mess when it first came out . . but now has "some of the most challenging, and best looking exclusives ever created", according to reviewers around the globe . .

tsss even sony gave Nintendo props for the wiiU . . . <<< look it up.

anyway . ps4 does not need good luck, it already has awesome games on the way . .

ps4 is like Vita right now, still awaiting greatness .

wonderfulmonkeyman1065d ago (Edited 1065d ago )

gr8 b8 m8 i r8---urgh, oh GOD, that is more than enough of that crap. Migraine city.

Jeezus, how do the people who use lines like that manage to look in a mirror every day without feeling immense shame?
Must be a generation gap. I'm too old for this s***...

But I digress; enough bait posting.
It's got over a hundred games coming to it in 2016 [there's a full video on it, yes there is lots of indies, Sony and Microsoft both count indies as important and so should you regardless of system. Look it up.], and Nintendo's not done announcing games for it yet either.
You can talk about unit sales and ignore profits made by it all you like; it isn't dead, and you can't change that by ranting about how dead you think it is.

Rivitur1065d ago


I aren't think that

pcz1064d ago

''It's got over a hundred games coming to it in 2016''


slappy5081065d ago (Edited 1065d ago )

Xenoblade Chronicles X, Starfox, Fatal Frame and Zelda says hi!

Rivitur1065d ago

Yeah and 3rd party games say go to hell wii U

Ck1x1064d ago

You guys heard it here first, the WiiU is the first vampire console! The undead gaming system

Legion211064d ago

I disagree but this was funny

N4g_null1064d ago

Heck the ps4 is dead to me right now. No reason to buy one I already have a pc. Oh did you mean it has no games? Well there is a bunch still coming that people care about . Just because you say something is dead doesn't mean it is. Casual fans always feel this way about things they don't experience or understand. If you don't have a wiiu or want one then I find it hard to call you a console gamer. You are just a pc gamer really. There is a difference. You wouldn't know because you are too young or just oblivious. Next year is going to rock though. I have what I want coming to bad you dont.

Rivitur1063d ago (Edited 1063d ago )

What in the actual hell are you going on about!? I have never seen so many assumptions in one post!

You sir are a troll and a possibly a child Plz I don't wanna see you anywhere near a computer because your stupidity might break it.

N4g_null1063d ago

No one cares about what you think. Plus your jokes are lame. Stop shaming your self. You are about as funny as a broken laugh track. I know it's hard to believe some don't want a ps4 my first pc but I'm an adult and I've been gaming for a while and have a few pcs hooked to various things that plays alot of the ps4 library better than the ps4. I can't do that with a wiiu. So if you are too stubborn to see people actually have a problem with it then that is your problem and hopefully sony doesn't share your mindset. Which makes you no better than the pc elitist.

It's pretty telling when people don't insult you and you feel the need to do that to them. I really hope your are a kid, because everyone can see who is an adult here.

Rivitur1061d ago (Edited 1061d ago )

Congrats m8 you made yourself out to look like a defensive prick who feels he needs to attack othes and make assumptions to make him self feel justified. My "jokes" as you call them don't compare to the stupidity you're spitting so called adult.

And yeah I'm sure what ever your mother will bug you for Christmas next year will rock.

FYI don't be such a blind fan boy next time. It just oozes out of you must based on your comments and I still have 0 clue what the hell you're talking about.

Btw I don't give a shit about your life story your probably as dead inside as the wiiU is when it comes to games.

N4g_null1060d ago (Edited 1060d ago )

I'm not sure I can stoop to your level and explain what I'm talking about. Ha a defensive prick, it must suck to be you. So I'm not suppose to address your stupidity. Also you have no joke because that would imply you are intelligent enough to make one. You might just be the joke here. It sad and no one is laughing.

You are just an wanna be Internet bully... so mad i dont like the ps4 ahhhhh. I'm looking forward to the ps4 upgrade coming. If not I think I'll pass on it. Come on team sony put a fury x in it to make it worth it!

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Persistantthug1065d ago

The Wii U Is Officially 3 Years Old...........

And Dead.

AJBACK2FRAG1065d ago (Edited 1065d ago )

It doesn't matter if it's a commercial failure or seccess to me I just want to play great first party Nintendo games until I die period(.) I think games like GTA V look cool of course I'd love to be playing the new COD even if it is similar to the last one The fact is I don't get the emotional feeling of happiness and glee I get when I play a Nintendo game. When I fire up a game like just say Mario Tennis for the GCN. I'm smiling!!! I feel happy!! GTA does not and probably will never give me me that reaction!!!!

I think a real question is why does slamming Nintendo make you so happy? You're here! You're slagging! What do you get out of dumping on Nintendo? Lol!!! I think it's kinda' creepy.

Persistantthug1065d ago

AJBACK2FRAG...I'm gonna send you (paste) what I wrote my friend on youtube so you can get a little idea of why I'm frustrated with Nintendo and Nintendo's "fans":

_____________________________ ____________________

LeveledHeadGamer, How are you's been a long time. I just finished watching you 5 reasons Nintendo's Wii U failed. While I agree with most of your points, I feel you missed 1 crucial point....... I feel YOU and Nintendo fans like yourself (and others like Shokio) are also a critical reason Wii U failed. Why? Because I remember debating with you, and I, and others told you most of those things......that the Wii U's online was terrible and the fact that the Wii U didn't have a real harddrive to support the store was a sure sign that it would remain terrible. RXL told you the Wii U was for kids. We also told you that developers didn't care for the Wii U. But with respect, you shirked them all off and pretended that the Wii U was going to be fine. What you should have done was use your channel and influence to try and rally others (again like Shokio) to contact NIntendo to attempt to tell Nintendo the truth. Again, with respect, because I don't want you to feel disrespected........but LeveledHeadGamer, you lied to yourself, to others, and you lied to Nintendo themselves. And now, everything I and others were trying to tell you has now come to pass, and I can't help but feel that you played a part into it. Had you told Nintendo the truth, instead of pretending everything was fine and ok, Nintendo could have had the opportunity to right the Wii U's ship before it was bombed and destroyed. Now, I think Nintendo is on its last legs as far as home consoles are concerned, and there's a good chance now that they could exit the traditional home console business. I really hope the next time you try and listen when so many people are telling you the same thing, because while I said many negative things about Nintendo and their Wii U, it wasn't because I hated was just tough love. Take care LeveledHeadGamer, and I hope to hear from you again.

Monster_Tard1064d ago


Uh, what does that have to do with him and others enjoying the games?

"Had you told Nintendo the truth, instead of pretending everything was fine and ok, Nintendo could have had the opportunity to right the Wii U's ship before it was bombed and destroyed."

The problems were there from the start and there was no changing them, no matter what fans told them. The Wii U wasn't powerful enough for the 3rd parties needs, with it's architecture being too different from the other 2 consoles and low install base, it made it not worth it for 3rd parties to bring their games to the Wii U. They were already operating at a loss when the Wii U came out, adding a larger hard drive wasn't an option. I disagree with it having "terrible online" apart from no voice chat in the 1st party games, their online was far from terrible. Honestly what did you think they could had done with the Wii U to fix it? it was already out on shelves there was no going back and fixing the problem.

N4g_null1064d ago

PersistaNTthug why are you not doing this with sony? Many have the ps4 and are very dissatisfied with it. Some are actually thinking about getting a wiiu. because it actually has good games. I'm not sure why you don't get it. The wiiu has functional online and even it's own video chat and all of that is getting upgraded next year. The power has the same draw backs as the other two yet because you don't make games you assume that the wiiu is not powerful enough... come on the ps3 was for most of these ports. Can you guys not see they just want you to believe them so they only have to make one game? You guys are getting played by the AAA and ms and sony, they can not even produce what they keep claiming yet but you guys slop it up everytime then tell us nintendo fans we are the problem lol. You have a PS4 or xboxone because you can not afford a pc and if it is the other way around then and you can get a good pc then you are why gaming sucks truthfully. We have to many fans that want some thing for nothing or they simply can not afford what they want. This is some how the manufactures problem. You guys are not entitled to this stuff man. I understand your grips but Nintendo has to hedge their bets and not hemorrhage money. The way sony is doing buisness isn't truly the right way and that will fail eventually. I don't want it to fail but im sure i'm not the only person that has lost faith in sony to be the best video game company they can be. Sure sales are great but if you clients are loosing respect for your brand then you may not have that sale next gen.

Ck1x1064d ago (Edited 1064d ago )

Sounds like you have a major personal problem with Nintendo. I think most level headed Nintendo gamers acknowledge that Nintendo needs to work on somethings, but many of you that constantly troll Nintendo articles aren't giving constructive criticism. You guys want Nintendo to be a clone of Sony or Microsoft.

We just want Nintendo to be themselves but offer similar services to competing systems. No the WiiU didn't turn out to be the system that they should have created, but many of you here don't want to even give the company credit on the bang up job they've done in supporting the system all by themselves. Nintendo has actually addressed a lot of things on WiiU that their fans have complained about.

What's done is done on the WiiU and it won't be fully rectified until the NX is here, but that takes time to prepare for release. You guys seem to think that Nintendo should have just abandoned the WiiU and jumped right into the next system. This has never been a smart business for any company that has done this, even Microsoft went 4yrs on the original Xbox.

So it's not about Nintendo gamers defending Nintendo’s every actions, but most of us can be critical and still enjoy the great software that they are continuing to put out on the system. Now where most of us may think twice is upon the NX reveal if they haven't changed much coming from the WiiU going into the NX. That's where my true expectations will be with Nintendo going forward...

wonderfulmonkeyman1065d ago (Edited 1065d ago )

I'd post an inb4, but the "Wii U is dead" people are already here...

W/e; I'm glad Nintendo's stuck with the system and continued to gather really great games for it, even despite AAA third parties tucking tail and running right after year 1.

It's made quite a bit of profit for Nintendo and there's still two years to go for it before it's got its full library, so I'm looking forward to seeing it go out with a bang no matter how low the unit sales are or how much the haters want it gone before its time.

slappy5081065d ago

Yeah this compliments my PC really nicely - where I can play 3rd party games. and One of the best looking JRPGS in years Xenoblade releasing shortly

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Lonnie181065d ago

3 years and only 10mil sold, pathetic!

OpieWinston1065d ago

Nintendo still has high software sales for their games. Fanboying over hardware numbers is pointless if Nintendo isn't sweating over it.

One-Shot1064d ago

If Nintendo isn't sweating over their extremely poor hardware numbers they are some pretty poor business people and should be fired.

Concertoine1064d ago (Edited 1064d ago )


No one said they werent sweating over it. But at this point, what can they do? Ditch the Wii U and what's left of their console fanbase? No. Make a new console and spread themselves too thin? Not yet.

Instead, they found a way to get games out fast (small projects like Captain Toad and Splatoon, also DLC), and a way to maximize profits to make up for slow sales (amiibo). They really did make the best of a poor situation.

Ck1x1064d ago

Can I ask people like you a serious question. What do feel that Nintendo should have done after the WiiU was put onto the market? We can't change what they had in development, because that's arguing semantics.

I'm legitimately asking that once the WiiU was released what do you feel they should have done? Because Nintendo has come out and said that the WiiU wasn't what they wanted it to be, there #1 goal right now is to satisfy the people who actually purchased the system and once they do that they will focus on the NX...

LOL_WUT1064d ago

Better VC support for starters, a proper 3D Mario game in the likes of Mario64 and basically better support at launch with key titles and ips ready to go. ;)

NickieNick1064d ago

Change the name to something less retarded?

benji1011064d ago

And yet ps4 software sales to consoles sold are very very low. PS casual.