Fallout 4: How to Grab and Move Things Without Taking Them

Fallout 4 features an array of items tossed about its vibrant world. You can pick up each of these for dismantling and using for different crafts. But if you’ve played any other Fallout or Elder Scrolls, you might be interested in moving things to position them differently. Maybe you’re trying to redecorate, or maybe you just want to dunk on Nick Valentine.

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the_mack_attack31160d ago

That's just ridiculous, an article based on pressing a button. You could have easily made a tip article of some sort. Fishing for views.

generic-user-name1160d ago

Let's just put it here so people don't need to click out.

On PS4, look at the item and hold X instead of pressing it, you can then move it around.

On X1 I'll assume it's hold A.

On PC I assume you hold the left mouse button.

scark921160d ago

Next time on Twinfinite..

How to pay respects in Advanced Warfare

mogwaii1159d ago

As soon as i read the title im like "hold x instead"