This Fallout 4 Vault Is Probably the Only Successful One Ever

In the Fallout universe, cruelty and Vault-Tec seem to go hand in hand. Those lead-lined safe havens scattered around the country serve as petri dishes for whatever sick experiments the higher-ups in the company have in mind. Sometimes these can be as mild as testing cryogenic sleep (without permission from the test subjects, of course), or as extreme as forcing people into what are essentially death camps.

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dirkdady1069d ago

Great write up. Always enjoy the back stories of these vaults some you have to price together from terminal logs or remains of those long dead.

I wonder when we will ever fully go head on against the evil masterminds of vault tec.

SolidGear31069d ago

Friggin brilliant idea for Fallout 5!!

TheColbertinator1069d ago

Vault 81 ended up the most successful spot so far. Minimal trading with the outside yet staunch isolation from the troubles of the outside.

Before this only Vault 101 and Vault 8/City had the "best" setup

SolidGear31069d ago

Yeah but Vault 81 only turned into what it should've been (as advertised) because the original Overseer actually had morals and good on him for it!

mkis0071069d ago

I really enjoyed finding the backstory