Fallout 4: How to Kill Synths

Synths are faced almost entirely like humans, the only difference is that they are a bit more resilient and are immune to Radiation.

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1092d ago
Lighter91092d ago

Fallout 4: Stop spoiling the game!

Christopher1092d ago

Not really a spoiler. Synths were told to be in the game for me in the first few minutes since one of the loading screens explained what they are. That's like saying that "legendary" versions of enemies is a spoiler.

Lighter91092d ago (Edited 1092d ago )

Not everyone knows everything about the game. I didn't know about Synths in the game and not everyone owns the game yet. They could've just as easily showed a pic of the Pip-boy and not mentioned Synths in the title. They could say lengendaries and not mentioned any type of enemy and it wouldn't have spoiled anything. People generally post spoilers in the title when they want hits.

Christopher1092d ago

***Not everyone knows everything about the game. ***

This isn't "everything" nor is it a story-driven spoiler. It's just one more creature you encounter in the game.

Spoiler! There are super mutants! See how silly that looks.

JackVagina1092d ago

Point a gun and shoot?...

I_am_Batman1092d ago

Pretty much. I didn't have much trouble against them yet using a modified 10mm pistole most of the time (which is the first gun you get in the game).

Christopher1092d ago

I don't waste 10mm ammo on them. .308 does the job just fine. I find it best to aim for the legs or arms, not the body or head. Tend to be the less armored areas regardless of what you loot off their bodies.

r3f1cul1092d ago

how i kill synths... sneak attack headshots... how i kill death claws, sneak attack headshots, how i kill super mutants, sneak attack headshots... you getting the flow here? lol

Christopher1092d ago

Man, you are so killing the mood right now...

*looks around for someone sneaking*

rebeljoe141092d ago

I use a sneak attack with a highly modded sniper rifle

barb_wire1092d ago

If they're running at you - take out either leg and then take them out.

I also (if I have the time and haven't been spotted) will shoot whichever arm they're holding the weapon in, then if they start running, take out the leg(s)..

Pretty funny watching a synth threaten you when it's got no arm/legs.

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The story is too old to be commented.