Fallout 4: How to Kill Protectrons

Protectrons are those fellas you find encased in storage tubes that you can activate with a specific role. They are a bit clunky looking and incredibly slow (something you should be thankful for). If they are in medic mode, they’re only able to damage you if you stand right next to them, since they use an electrical arm attack. Police mode is much more dangerous, allowing them to shoot constant laser blasts from each hand.

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Eidolon1068d ago

Never had an issue with them, seems more dangerous this way.

joab7771068d ago

I chose police and let them kill everything for me.

qcjoe1068d ago

Yup I just stood right behind it when those zombie things were attacking me.

TheSaint1067d ago

Protectrons are Bambi's compared to Assaultrons.