Fallout 4: How to Pick Locks

So, you want to be a thief? Or perhaps you’re just a scavenger in the truest sense of the word? Well, if you’re having trouble picking locks in Fallout 4, this guide is for you.

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RedSoakedSponge1063d ago

are you kidding me? wtf is this? its explained in the game when you first try picking a lock! how did this get approved?! seriously? this pisses me off lol

TheSaint1063d ago

While I agree this is a touch unnecessary, you're reaction is also a touch unnecessary.

RedSoakedSponge1063d ago

i know it is. but overreactions get heard. haha :P

ironcrow23861063d ago

Hmm could it be as simple as finding Bobby pins and increasing your lock experience?? I mean what an absolute stupid question I think these writers must be stoned to ask such things

gangsta_red1063d ago

Kind of pointless since there is an actual tutorial when you first try and pick a lock.

I know I had to look online to figure out how the heck do you throw a grenade.

BlackTar1871063d ago

lol they told me once in game how to throw them and i also had to go online and relearn.

Aenea1063d ago

Fun fact: they had not told me in the game yet so found it online, then after throwing grenades and molotov cocktails left and right it suddenly told me how to! That was so weird!

ZaWarudo1063d ago

Do a tutorial on how to walk and how to look around.

Hellsvacancy1063d ago

I'm still figuring out how to insert the Fallout 4 disk so I can start playing

rdgneoz31063d ago

Wait, I still can't figure out how to get the disk out of the case...

kneon1063d ago

we need some instructions to get the plastic wrap off of the case first :)

Eidolon1063d ago

Another one of these from twinfinite?

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