Star Wars: Battlefront's Forest Moon of Endor Looks As Good As The Initial Pre-Release Screenshots

When Star Wars: Battlefront was revealed, a lot of gamers wondered whether the forest moon of Endor would look THAT good in its final build. After all, most games look less visually impressive than their reveal trailers/screenshots. Well, that's not the case with Star Wars: Battlefront.

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The93Sting1064d ago

Battlefront graphics + Fallout 4 content = Good game

SegaGamer1064d ago

Yep, best thing about this game is the graphics, but the game doesn't have much else beyond that.

_-EDMIX-_1064d ago

Subjective. Its MP is really fun, its SP is pretty hard, but I don't see me returning to it.

The CTF mode they have is really, really fun and I only played a bit of supremacy but its also pretty epic, I guess I'll have more impressions after a few days of playing it. I have more games then time right now lol.

Its graphics and effects are one of the best things about it, but the controls are great, the multiplayer is fun, easy to get into pretty fast and many crazy things can happen like people flying tie fighters into the objective lol.

I still disagree with many on the map count, after playing for a bit, its actually quite a lot of maps, but I didn't get to explore, memorize or play all of them before having to stop due to work and other duties. Its only 1 day and I don't really know how I'll feel in like 1 month or something, but I'll have what my final say is on it later next month or even early next year.

KiwiViper851064d ago


That's what you think now, but you'll have your final verdict in less than a week.

_-EDMIX-_1064d ago

@Kiwi- lol, I don't know all that. I've played other MP titles with less content for longer, but those titles have also been much deeper and complex in terms of concept like Team Fortress 2.

So I'm not really sure how I'll take to its multiplayer to be honest, I've never made a verdict on any mulitplayer title in 1 week, even MW2 my last COD title I played a lot of before coming to a clear conclusion, like 70 or so hours.

The MP in this game is not really like TF2 or Call Of Duty or really any MP I can think of. Though you have some similarities, they are really due to the genre.

Like you don't have perks for kill streaks, no side arms etc No classes, so its hard to get how I might feel about it over time, it'll take a while as I currently like what I'm playing. Its not like Battlefield, but I'm not looking for Battlefield.

Its like Battlefield but way less relaxed and less complex, but in a good way. I like the simplicity in the title sorta like how i used to like it in Call Of Duty 4. I need some time playing it to see how I feel about it with friends and with other modes.

Timesplitter141064d ago

It's not the graphics that make F4 a bit underwhelming.

_-EDMIX-_1064d ago

I can only imagine what Bioware and Visceral Star Wars games will look like running in Frostbite3, lets hope its as good as this (DICE will likely lend a hand to likely Bioware as they've yet to make a Frostbite3 title, they might already be helping them with Mass Effect and their Star Wars title)

While playing, I feel this game might have got me even more hype for EA's other Star Wars games more imagining the different genres that can be used in Star Wars in this engine! DA FEELS!

shloobmm31064d ago

Bioware used Frostbite 3 when they made Dragon Age Inquisition.

_-EDMIX-_1064d ago

Good call, forgot about that. My mind was thinking of Mass Effect leap form Mass Effect 3 to Mass Effect Andromeda.

Your are correct sir. I wanted to pick that up, but just have a huge pile of shame. Soon..

shloobmm31064d ago

Well if you have an X1 and EA Access it's in the vault for whenever you have time for it lol.

DarkOcelet1064d ago

Inquisition is still a cross gen title so they haven't fully harnessed the power of current gen consoles.

With Andromeda, i am expecting a huge leap in graphics. And hopefully its close to that E3 teaser trailer.

Sevir1064d ago

They said the Trailer for ME:Andromeda was representative of in game graphics... If they are using using Dice's "Photogrametry rendering" pipeline in ME:Andromeda then what we saw in the announcement trailer at E3 is every bit how good the game will look at launch.

And I believe they are so we are visually in for a treat!

_-EDMIX-_1064d ago

@Dark- we actually saw some of it in real time at E3 2014.

You also see some of their new IP (that some here have no clue about and thought was lie or rumor, not saying any names lol)

@Shloobmm3- I don't own an XONE and even if I did, I'm not sure If I would use the program, its a great value for those that play lots of sports games, but I want to physically own my titles and want only a few EA titles, ie Star Wars BF, Bioware titles etc

its pretty cheap too right now.

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SynestheticRoar1064d ago

50 dollars for a season pass. I'll give you 50 kicks up your a$$.

Tedakin1064d ago

The Endor Forest is one of the best looking anythings in video games ever.

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