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Jenny Jones plays Dragon Fin Soup. This game is a blend of tactical RPG and roguelike but unfortunately it's not brilliant at either genre.

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liamlangan1064d ago

Great review Jenny, gave this a go myself and definitely didn't enjoy it. Not one of the best games to grace the Instant Game Collection

the-dragons-bane1064d ago (Edited 1064d ago )

i like this game but the constant crashing,crafting system and clunky ui kinda kills it for me.

Eidolon1063d ago

IF they can fix the performance and stability and UI. I'd enjoy it a lot more.

ZaWarudo1063d ago

Agree with you guys. Here's hoping it'll be patched soon.

vork771064d ago

if this game had control like zelda i would enjoy it more

slappy5081063d ago

Was disappointed with this game, had some high hope it would be a fun ps plus title like rocket league. Got bored of it after an hour and deleted it

leahcim1063d ago

horrid controls are horrid controls

this game knows this so well

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