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Jenny Jones plays Dragon Fin Soup. This game is a blend of tactical RPG and roguelike but unfortunately it's not brilliant at either genre.

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liamlangan3106d ago

Great review Jenny, gave this a go myself and definitely didn't enjoy it. Not one of the best games to grace the Instant Game Collection

the-dragons-bane3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

i like this game but the constant crashing,crafting system and clunky ui kinda kills it for me.

Eidolon3105d ago

IF they can fix the performance and stability and UI. I'd enjoy it a lot more.

ZaWarudo3105d ago

Agree with you guys. Here's hoping it'll be patched soon.

vork773105d ago

if this game had control like zelda i would enjoy it more

slappy5083105d ago

Was disappointed with this game, had some high hope it would be a fun ps plus title like rocket league. Got bored of it after an hour and deleted it

leahcim3105d ago

horrid controls are horrid controls

this game knows this so well

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Creators of Dragon Fin Soup Can't Fix Playstation Versions of Game

Grimm Bros. have stated they cannot release an update to the Playstation versions of their Action RPG Dragon Fin Soup.

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ZaWarudo3015d ago

Well darn. I still have it installed on my Vita, but haven't touched it since its current state is unplayable. It's a shame, i was enjoying the game.

Masterofwiiu3ds3015d ago

What exactly is the issue with the game? I have it in my backlog and was going to give it a go on the Vita. Is it worth it?

ZaWarudo3015d ago

I think it's fun, but the big problem that renders the game unplayable is the constant crashing.

Other issues are game design choices, like small storage and convoluted crafting.

ThunderPulse3015d ago

Fishing is glitched out hard for me.

donwel3015d ago

I didn't notice any problems on the PS4 version but in fairness I only played it for about an hour before going to bed, not played it on Vita yet but from what I'm hearing here it's probably best I don't bother.

nyobzoo3015d ago

shame, the game is very janky

ruefrak3015d ago

So Grimm Bros say that Blitworks has full control over the PS versions? But Blitworks said they were just hired to port it:

"We’re not happy at all with the version that is currently published of Dragon Fin Soup, because we had to port a game that was still in development, so it was terribly difficult. We hope the game ultimately gets to a stable point and we can properly patch it. Anyway, as a work for hire studio, you can only give your opinion, but the ultimate decision is not yours."


vongruetz3015d ago

Yep. This wasn't Blitworks fault and for the developers to come out and say it was just sucks.

Vhampir3015d ago

Blitworks holds the rights for PS versions. Grimm Bros. can send them the updated code to patch the game, but it's up to Blitworks to handle it. This is how their contracts work. Just like how Squaresoft made FF7, and Eidos ported it for PC. Eidos had the rights to the PC version. If they tried to go around Blitworks, they would just get sued, even if they had access to the PS source.

vongruetz3015d ago

It seems to me that Blitworks was frustrated because they had to port a game that was incomplete and already buggy. They said they'd love to patch it, but do they get paid to patch it? The statement from Grim Bros seemed to push too much of the blame away from themselves and onto the porting house. But if you look at the past work from this place, everything they do is super solid... except this one, which they actually singled out in an interview as being a pain to do.

rainslacker3015d ago

It's ultimately up to the publishers to fund a game, and any patches required. It's also ultimately the publishers responsibility for releasing a working game.

The excuses I've seen for why it can't be done seem more about not wanting to spend money on it, all while passing the buck to someone else to avoid the fallout of those who want a working game.

MilkMan3015d ago

It will get resolved. Not to worry.

cash_longfellow3015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

Well, I think it's fair that Sony give us ps plus members a non-broken game to sub for that month then?
Edit--And the people who bought it of course.

cash_longfellow3015d ago

Disagrees? So it's fair that the game is broken?


Dragon Fin Soup review for PS Vita, PS4 | Gaming Age

Seeing as Dragon Fin Soup is free for PlayStation Plus members this month, I can see the appeal of grabbing it. "It's free!" I can practically hear people saying. "How bad can it be?"

To answer to that rhetorical question: very. So bad, certainly, that it's not worth the precious space it takes up on your memory card, let alone the time it takes you to download. In short, Dragon Fin Soup is a lousy game that manages the impressive feat of not being worth a price tag of zero dollars and zero cents.

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chippychan3088d ago (Edited 3088d ago )

"Moving Red Robin around with the D-pad is a massive pain, and it only gets worse when you get sucked into a battle — when, as you'll quickly discover, there's no way of instantly turning to face your attacker, because why would you want to do that? Instead you get to fiddle with unresponsive controls and flail helplessly as enemies pound away at you, and it only ends when your familiars or party members are able to kill the monsters themselves."

What? Moving with the D-pad works just fine and you CAN turn to face your attacker instantly (without using a turn in battle) using the left or right stick. It makes me wonder if the reviewer even bothered to play past the first mission or even learned all of the controls.

This 'review' doesn't even touch on other aspects of the game, like the crafting or loot. It seems to only complain about losing money because they hit everything in the town with their weapon. There's a simple solution to this: just don't do that in the town! There ARE other ways to make money, like selling loot you pick up in dungeon areas. You know, where the villagers who might get mad at you for destroying their property DON'T live.

The only thing I agree with is that the art style and graphics are a little too muddy. Other then that, I've been enjoying this one myself. But I like games that have you grind dungeons for loot, and of course that type of game isn't for everyone.

EDIT: I also wanted to add that I've tried this both on PS4 and Vita and it seems better to play on the Vita due to the touch-screen controls. It's much easier to deal with your inventory and use things like bombs and bullets in dungeons.

pyroxxx3088d ago (Edited 3088d ago )

Love this game,.. Wish (for trophies) you did not have to do them in one sitting,.. It resets the count of skeletons killed/Crap made crafting) every time you load the game,..Also hope the UI gets improved a bit
Also don't think crap leveling up with you is really fair in survival,.. Think it is stupid,.. basically have to know what level you should be at each floor,.. since you can get overpowered beasts fast if you linger

LemyAtom3088d ago

I quite enjoyed the game. But yeah if they'd bothered to read the instructions they'd have known you can turn to face your enemy without taking a turn.

CLOUD19833088d ago

I haven't play the game but I check user reviews in steam just because I was curious if it's really so bad like this dude says & it have over 100 positive reviews & the people there point that some issues with the controls or UI have been addressed already with patches few days after it's release, so this guy "rage" just to rage, I will recommend to find other resources to get info & opinions about this game as there countless people who fall in love with this game, just ignore this hater.