Red Alert 3 Collectors Edition

Never ones to shy away from a chance to earn an extra buck or two, EA have announced they'll be releasing a "Premium Edition" of upcoming RTS Red Alert 3. Exclusive (at least in Europe) to GAME, the premium box will see the game packed in a metal tin, along with five exclusive MP/skirmish maps, a DVD with a making-of featurette (along with the sure-to-be-tasteful special "Women of Red Alert 3"), a soundtrack and, curiously, an "Exclusive Beta Key to a future C&C game!" Exclamation is theirs, not ours. The only C&C game we can think of on the horizon is Tiberium, and with that not due for a while, be sure to keep that beta key somewhere you won't forget about it.

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JsonHenry3747d ago

Been playing the beta for this game... and I have a feeling your $60 would be better spent on chewing gum. At least you would get some satisfaction out of the gum.

I am so bummed. I am a diehard CnC fan and this game BLOWS BIGTIME.

TheIneffableBob3747d ago

The music is awesome, though!