HBHUD's Review of Conquest of Elysium 4

"Illwinter Game Design, the Swedish development team of two responsible for the Conquest of Elysium and Dominions series, is a lot like Blizzard Entertainment. Both happily stick to releasing new iterations of their flagship series, Warcraft & Diablo and COE & Dominions; both have a loyal fan base that will buy anything they release, albeit a magnitude smaller in scope for Illwinter; both cross-pollinate ideas and resources from their different titles, such as item naming conventions from Diablo to World of Warcraft and Illwinter using the same sprites in every game; and finally, but most important, both release games that are distinctly of that developer. There’s a little magic in both developer’s titles that only a select and glorious few are able to capture. Not the same magic to be sure. The ultra-polished-neon-casino-fan tasy vibe of a Blizzard game is not the vibe Illwinter goes for. Illwinter games are hoary, misty, murky, strange and interesting. When I’m playing an Illwinter game it feels…special. And that’s why I think they are the Blizzard of the indie fantasy strategy world."
- Michael Raston, HBHUD

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