Star Ocean: First Departure Screenshots

A couple of Star Ocean: First Departure screenshots released for European gamers at E3 2008.

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mathsman3722d ago

Does anyone know when this is coming out in Europe?

Vistrix3722d ago

No official date for Europe.

Oct 21st for America though.

tako20003722d ago

Sony must feel got slap on the face when they see all these SO remake on PSP now...after the latest of series exclusive on X360.

TOSgamer3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

They will get the game eventually and will most likely include extras. Best yet they will actually make money off royalties when the game is released unlike MS which has to pay money out to get the game. Sucks that PS3 only users have to wait but knowing that it will probably be the definitive version just like Eternal Sonata and Bioshock should soften the blow a bit.

mgirl3721d ago

I really don't get what t6he fuss is about. I played the first on PS2 and didn't think it was all that special...