DICE On Battlefront: We're An Infantry Game At Core, We Know People Struggle With Flying

DICE said that Star Wars Battlefront is an infantry game at core and that flying was simplified because they knew people struggle with it.

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ccgr1066d ago

But flying is still fun though!


i love flying but the controls are horrible

Rimeskeem1064d ago

Fighter Squadron is one of my favorite game modes!

Phoenix761064d ago

Expect the inevitable fighter squad DLC pack to include the 2 DeathStar's and battle over endor just like Rouge Squadron had.

detroitmademe1064d ago

I'm loving this game. I think it's pretty good. I love the variety within the gameplay and I think it's a good, 4/5,8/10 type of game. I think it stacks up well against the other shooters this gen in its genre.but I will say this game makes me want a new warhawk so bad

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The story is too old to be commented.