Is Star Wars Battlefront a Bad Game?

While it isn't a carbon copy of Battlefield as many had feared, that's looking like it may have been a better route as it seems to miss the mark in being either a faithful Battlefront game or a Battlefield game with AT-ATs.

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Thunder_G0d_Bane1064d ago


Could have been so much better. It's rushed and you can read my previous post about why I say this.

detroitmademe1064d ago

I think it's a good game when matched up against other shooters that came out this gen. There has been allot of mediocrity for shooters this gen imo.but I agree it does Seem like a few things are missing from this game.I think there could be a few different reasons for holding back on certain content and features.something is telling me ea has more of a hand in this problem than dice does but that being said, overall I think it's a good game, especially when compared to other shooters this gen.

MK24ever1064d ago

It's a short game, and being MP only is a big disappointment. Now, a bad game? No it's not a bad game at all, it looks and sounds so good that it almost passes by CGI, the game-play is very solid and this is probably the game we all dreamed about when we were kids.

sigfredod1064d ago

My personal opinion is that is not a bad game at his core, but is a blatlant rip off, what you get is not $60 worth, it waas designed to milk us since day one and i hate that

gantarat1064d ago (Edited 1064d ago )

it's not good or bad game. just mediocre/okay (Star Wars Original Trilogy Fan Maybe Happy)

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