Unofficial Xbox Live app for iPhone

Eurogamer writes: "Enterprising developers have been flooding the new iTunes App Store with games over the past month, and now developer Nicholas Pike has introduced an application for tracking your Xbox Live friends on iPhone and iPod touch.

IXboxLive costs GBP 0.59 / USD 9.99 and allows you to add around a dozen gamertags to its friends list before loading times reach an unacceptable level, according to its author, but due to limitations with the Xbox Community Developer SDK it does not allow you to keep an eye on your entire friends list.

For those players you do track, however, you will be able to see what they are playing, their gamer picture, their current gamerscore, reputation and location, and a list of their most recent games, including scores and when they last played."

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rockbottom30763721d ago

if its that big of a deal just use your browser to look at your friends list. I wouldn't download it for free let alone pay ten bucks for it.

Kholinar3721d ago

It's $.99. There's an error either in the submission.