Will this Console Generation End Sooner than We Think?

Some developers seem to think that the end of the generation might be looming closer than we would expect.

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Eonjay1064d ago (Edited 1064d ago )

Well it surely wont be 10 years.

Aloy-Boyfriend1064d ago

I predict PS4 and Xbone to peak in 2 more years. BF4 at launch already pushed both at 80% if I'm not mistaken, and that was day 1.

Septic1063d ago

Pretty crazy that 2 years have already gone by.

In 3 more years we could see next-gen consoles already.

GordonKnight1063d ago (Edited 1063d ago )

Both consoles are underpowered for what they're supposed to do. With so many games having problems hitting the golden 1080p @ 60 fps is main reason this gen will be short. Once the NX is released, Microsoft and Sony will follow suit within the next two years.

Volkama1063d ago (Edited 1063d ago )

I reckon this gen and next gen will overlap in a way we haven't seen before, with games being cross-compatible with the PS4 and PS5 as standard.

So "when will this gen end?" will depend how you define the end. The new consoles will be out somewhere around the 4 or 5 year mark, but the old ones will still be fully supported and pushed as the cheaper option.

ravinash1063d ago

@ GordonKnight.
A console is a mass produced product that has to be planned to a set spec by a set time with a cost effective structure.
So by the time it comes out, it will always be two years behind the latest PC tech.

Hopefully by the time the next consoles come out, the cost effective tech will be up to the level to not only handle 1080p @ 60 fps, but also handle what's required for VR.

uptownsoul1063d ago

I'm sorry but the people who argue that the lack of power in these consoles will be a main (or major) reason why this console generation will be short...need to open their eyes.

I agree that the consoles have had HUGE trouble getting to 1080p/60fps. I also agree that they look woefully underpowered compared to the PC.

My point is, based on both Xbox & Playstation division revenues, the lack of power DOESN'T MATTER. Consumers are buying regardless of lack of power. These divisions are not in it to make the most powerful console they can, they're in it for the money (and both divisions in this generation are doing great)

assdan1063d ago (Edited 1063d ago )

I disagree. This is the xbox ones peak year. Next year is ps4s. We're going to start hearing about next gen in early 2018

aemosier1063d ago

I agree that VR will more than likely extend this generation, if it has any impact at all. It is going to be hard enough to get the every day consumer to spend the extra money for the VR set, but to think they can then jump on a new console shortly after is crazy. This generation has at least 4 more years to it.

TheCommentator1063d ago


How could you think XB1 is peaking this year when Win 10/DX12 just launched and they haven't even used Cloudgine yet? Both consoles are just now breaking away from last gen support, and graphics engines are finally starting to take advantage of the hardware. We're in the equivalent of the Gears 1 phase of the 360.

Volkama1063d ago (Edited 1063d ago )

The "end of the generation" involves severing an audience of millions and millions of gamers, and starting again from 0. It is absolutely crippling for platform holders and publishers alike. That is the reason the previous gen lasted so long, and that is the reason both consoles use a nice common x86-64 architecture.

The transition to the next generation will not include that audience culling. Everything you are buying for your Xbox One or PS4 today will work on the next console, and almost everything you can buy for the next console will work on the PS4 and Xbox One (albeit at lower settings).

We'll likely see the PS6 at or before the moment Sony end support for the PS4.

reallyNow1062d ago

@Volkama , I agree with you here, but I think it depends really on the popularity of VR. If sony's VR takes off, which it has the best possibility between all VR options out there, then we will need better hardware to keep pushing the boundaries. If, god forbid, VR flops, this generation will last a little bit longer than that.

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ArchangelMike1063d ago

Don't underestimate the impact that VR will have on this console generation.

Septic1063d ago

I reckon if VR kicks off, it will make devs thirsty for more power and therefore might want them hankering for the next-gen to start even earlier.

Roccetarius1063d ago

@Septic, if VR kicks off, they will not only be thirsty for power, but they'll be forced to ask for more to make it a playable experience.

AshleeEmerson1063d ago

This is exactly what I was thinking. I think Virtual Reality could be such a big leap forward for gaming and that every developer will want to jump on board. This will have hardware making a system dedicated ONLY to the VR and it's functionality.

This also pushes me to believe that there will be new TOP developers on the coming years.

I think with VR, imagination from developers will be finally be back. They'll focus more on the experience instead of replicating reality (because of limitations).

TWB1063d ago (Edited 1063d ago )

I seriously hope the PSVR will be compatible with the next machine since PSVR is pretty much launching in the middle of this generation. The VR wont kick off if the developers dont get enough out of these machines to deliver great VR experience and even then only if they make good games (note: not interactive virtual reality movies with motion detection, which is what Im fearing)

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NewAgeisHere1063d ago

If anything, VR will extend this generation - you think people have the money to buy new consoles so often, not to mention VR which will probably cost just as much....this generation will last at least until 2020.

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Rarefaction1063d ago

There is still plenty of room for improvement with gpu compute stuff but yeah, they won't last 10 years like before. And why should they, it damaged the industry.

mabreu1063d ago

Obviously, we can look back on video game history. Judging by the market lifespan, it looks like Xbox and Playstation generations hit their peak around 6 years in. After that, a new generation model will begin.

This is just analyzing historical generations. I'm sure there are a lot more factors going on, but it's safe to say that the next generation will be in year 2018 or 2019.

Nintendo, on the other hand, released the Wii U in 2012. The majority of the gaming market was just not ready for it (or cared about it). This is why we are hearing about "NX." Nintendo is eager to end Wii U and start a new generation.

Cha0tik1063d ago (Edited 1063d ago )

People are thinking about simply the specs in the situation. I believe it will last just as long as any other only because developers are creating within one set of specs for each console. It's not like on PC where they have to develop for various CPU and GPU combinations along with testing with various different OS releases and compatible hardware. While the PS4 and Xbone will have a disadvantage in graphics and resolution... they are doing exactly what they should. The games come out beautiful and playable sometimes more so than it's PC counterpart because it's easier to develop for one set of specs rather than a ton. My Point is that there is a ton of room for growth and creativity and my reason for thinking this is because "Last of Us" achieved what many didn't think could be done on the specs the PS3 delivered and as usual Naughty Dog proved that there was untapped power even though that power was the limit to what they could do on the console. As long as the games remain 720p or higher I believe the developers will continue to stick it out as long as possible. It's not like a ton of console owners own 4k TV's just yet because the percentage is still low. Now they just need to come up with creative ways to keep the FPS and Res high while trying to enhance the game creatively and graphically.

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Septic1063d ago

And Xbox Two! No wait...Xbox what.

lelo2play1063d ago

No, it will be XBoxX ... XBox X ... XBox 10.

X marks the spot.

Aenea1063d ago

Xbox 6, so they can market it as 1 higher than the PS5 :)

MasterCornholio1063d ago

Just call it The New Xbox.


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AngelicIceDiamond1064d ago

Its possible but we're only 2 years in. Whats given this notion of this gen ending sooner?

Apocalypse Shadow1063d ago

The problem is the impatient gamers that can't seem to hold an attention span on something long enough before wanting something new.

Trade away their own games and systems so fast before they have been home long enough to collect a layer of dust.

The ones who aren't content with replay from fun factor. Days of old,if a game was fun like mike tysons punchout,contra,mega man,super metroid,streets of rage,gunstar heroes,etc,you played it again and again because it was FUN.

Not because there were a billion modes and PvP online play.not because it had 100 hours of gameplay and an open world with really nothing to do but do the next task.not like games that take you back to that old school fun.that Sega fun.that Nintendo fun. Something like rocket league does for people.

The ones who compare closed systems to open ended PCs where you could buy a new upgrade every month if you wanted.thinking pick up and play consoles need to allow you to do spreadsheets,excel and word.or if its not doing 4k and 480fps,its not a fun game.

The ones with values warped which is why they continue to buy micro transactions,dlc,season passes and madden like clockwork lemmings.

It takes longer to make games.developers need to make their investment back.more tech on the market too soon is just more for the trash bin and filling closets.5 years is too short when it takes 3 to 5 years to please these knuckleheads. And even then, they're still complaining.

joeorc1063d ago (Edited 1063d ago )

@Apocalypse Shadow + 1h ago
"The problem is the impatient gamers that can't seem to hold an attention span on something long enough before wanting something new"

Complete to 100% agreement on your observation, which mine mimics yours pretty much. I started playing electronic gameing way back in the late 70's for one we built the games in basic out of a

Today we have full 3D open scale games that in my opinion is far and away incredible for gamers today, in the past over 20+ years the game market has grown leaps & bounds.

We are now getting advanced 3D open scale games like GTA : San Andreas on a cell phone!

We as. Gamers have accessible games everywhere now, that just 20+ years ago would require such high cost hardware & yet, the hardware & software today vs 1995 what was out than for gamers its just fantastic to see how far the game design & software have grown in scale on what you are able to do with software & the game engines and tools the development has been able to do.

I have has a wonderful game experience over these years that the hiccup in software here & there really does not bother me , because A) no one or team is perfect, B) pretty much all hardware is less static today vs back than.

Seems to be more hobby oriented back than & became too much more of the "business" factor moving forward than really being about just laid back hobby fun.

Electronic gaming esp. In PC It's roots was floppy disc white label floppy's for games that were handed , or traded or if it was sold; it was out at computer convention's or sold to people just pretty much as a donation to support the gamer who created a game just for fun , to put out a game just for the fun of it, alingvthe way it bacame more of a "business" oriented area of entertainment instead of the mainly fun hobby it started out as.

Concertoine1063d ago (Edited 1063d ago )

The reason last gen went on for so long was because of the big losses that Sony and MS took for their hardware. It was several years before either of them made money, and they had to stall for a couple of years to make enough to convince investors their respective brands were financially worthwhile.

Conversely the consoles this gen are much cheaper to manufacture (thus, more profitable) but also weaker, so i can see a return to a 6 or even 5 year cycle.

Dario_DC1064d ago

If the new ones are Backwards compatible (pretty much sure it will), then I don't see why not bring new hardware in 2018.
I would buy a new one every 4/5 years if priced around 400€ and good specs.

Kalebninja1064d ago

The lifespan should be about 7-8 years as the pattern suggests. That gives enough time for some of the big developers to make another 2 games.

Roccetarius1063d ago (Edited 1063d ago )

It should be 5 years, 6 max if any longer. 7 - 8 years is way too long, and it's just one of the reasons progress has been so slow.

It's no wonder developers have already noticed, that they simply didn't get enough to work with.

Kalebninja1063d ago

With a 7-8 year span the jump in power to the next generation would be much greater.

RedDevils1062d ago

Some people haven't even brought a next gen console yet lol and you want 5/6 year max?

generic-user-name1062d ago

You're right I think. Only wishful thinking is making people think that this gen will be shorter than last gen but it has every chance of lasting as long if not longer.