New Official 1TB PlayStation 4 Console Bundle Includes 5 Titles

PlayStation will be releasing a new 1TB PlayStation 4 console bundle later this month according to The bundle will include a remastered version of The Last of Us, God of War 3, and Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection.on.

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gangsta_red2682d ago

These consoles should have came with 1TB standard from the start.

Eidolon2682d ago

I'm starting to think even that isn't enough.

uth112682d ago

1TB has been fine for me since I upgraded, I just delete the games I'm not playing, especially the large disk-based ones.

WickedLester2682d ago

Really they just need to come with external storage support.

emad-E-three2682d ago

Just change it, Sony won't add it to avoid any potential hack similar to the PS3 now!

Sparta072682d ago

Why external hd? When you can easily put in an internal hd?

meatnormous2682d ago

I wouldn't mind an external HDD if they would have put a usb port on the back of the console. Drives me nuts that things stick out the front.

WickedLester2682d ago


Because you get a LOT more storage capacity at a cheaper price with an external HDD.

Rhythmattic2682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

Steps or just one step.......

PS4 internal Drive upgrade.
Copy all 500Gb (int) to a spare external 500Gb (or greater) only to copy back to a int 2tb .. (read - Pain in the arse)

External Upgrade.
Just add as you go... (oh, And it could work on multiple systems you own)

External ?
Yes please..... Easier , me thinks.

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Rookie_Monster2682d ago

No, they need to allow external HDD as a standard. These games are in excess of 50gb each now and 1tb will soon be not enough as well.

2pacalypsenow2682d ago

You people know that you can replace the internal hard drive right? I have a 4tb on my ps4

WickedLester2682d ago


Where on earth did you find a 4tb 2.5 internal HDD and how much did you pay for that?

Rookie_Monster2682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

"You people know that you can replace the internal hard drive right?"

No duh sherlock! What happened when your Replaced internal HDD gets fill? I have and replaced a 1.5tb internal HDD on my PS4 as well but the issue is what if I need a bigger HDD in a year or two? Wouldn't that make the current internal HDD useless? Not to mention you have to download and reinstall all your system updates, games and media all over again.

With external HDD, it is just plug and play and you can add as many as you want while still retainin your internal Sku HDD. Now, tell me which is the better option?

magiciandude2682d ago

"You people know that you can replace the internal hard drive right? I have a 4tb on my ps4"

It's not that simple at all. I have swapped my 500GB for a 1TB and the transferring was an overnight process, not to mention that i had to buy an external hard drive just to be able to transfer my data. Using an external hard drive for storage would really make your console more simplified.

gangsta_red2682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

I want to know where 2pacalypse bought that 4tb 2.5 HDD! Because I could use that for my PS4.

DragoonsScaleLegends2682d ago


Yeah there isn't any 4TB 2.5" internal hard drives unless you are talking about this SSD which I highly doubt you own:

Or you are talking about using the Nyko Data Bank which allows you to use 3.5" internal hard drives.

KiwiViper852682d ago

Haha @2pacalypsenow

Sounds like your full of it.

@ Rookie_Monster

Not sure why your getting so many disagrees, you spitting absolute truths... If 1tb is enough for you, then 500Gb is enough also. Your gonna be deleting games either way...

littletad2682d ago

I have a 2 tb internal hardrive in my ps4. I'm quite sure there isn't a 4 tb model available yet, in a size the ps4 allows, that is.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen2682d ago

There's no such thing as a 4TB 2.5 SATA HDD.

ABizzel12682d ago

Maybe he bought that 3.5" HDD bay for PS4.

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jkuli62682d ago

Agreed. And thank YOU for using "Should HAVE" instead of "Should OF" :D :D

kraenk122682d ago

This! Who started this crap anyway?! ( a non native speaker)

DLConspiracy2682d ago

It's probably because Should've sounds a lot like should of. Common mistake.

captainexplosion2682d ago

I just ordered a 2TB hard drive for my PS4 off of Amazon. As a bonus I'm pretty sure I can use the old 500gb hard drive on my XB1.

madmonkey012682d ago

500gb is fine for me, as i dont mind the 15 seconds its takes to install a game if i ever want to revisit it.

Tross2682d ago

This^ Why is this such a hard concept for seemingly everyone else to grasp? Heck, it installs automatically if the disc is in. I'll only keep a game till I'm finished with it, unless it's a multiplayer game I'm playing at least semi-regularly. Actually, I'm more of a singleplayer gamer but ongoing multiplayer games are really the only cases where I can see wanting to keep game data from disc based games that will automatically re-install if placed in the system again anyways. Heck, is everyone seriously constantly playing even every multiplayer game they own?

RedDevils2682d ago

500gb has been just fine for me, don't know what people trying to do with their hard drive. Are they trying installed every games they ever had or something lol even with 5tb you would likely to filled it up ROFL

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MikleDemi2682d ago

If you don't yet have a PS4... May God have mercy on your wallet.

This really is an epic bundle.
If Sony prices this right, they WILL own the holidays.

paddy952682d ago

Eh 3 last gen games. Not a fan of ps exclusives either. All the good game are multiplatform like Fallout 4 etc

generic-user-name2682d ago

"All the good game are multiplatform"

In no universe is this true.

mezati992682d ago

they should have replaced TLOU with Bloodborne, otherwise, this is a great value for your money

ninsigma2682d ago

If they were to replace any of those games I'd say God of war would be the one. UC and tlou are much better games and then to add in bloodborne would be amazing!!