Star Wars Battlefront Review: The Next-Best Thing to Being in Star Wars - Time

Time: Otherwise I’m having a blast with Star Wars Battlefront, if in the loose, unfussy sense I might a popcorn flick, without pretensions. By stripping out the story and making the whole affair a leaner grab bag, DICE is pitching an immaculately visualized arcade-casual experience. And yet it harbors harder-core perks, if you’re a completist. While I’m still in process of fully vetting all the multiplayer modes, I’m kind of in love with the Star Card system, even if it’s probably going to peak much sooner than Halo 5‘s 1,000-plus card collectibles. But then Halo 5 doesn’t have lightsabers, or force lighting, or thermal detonators, or the option to eventually play as Rodians, Sullustans and Twi’leks. And for diehard Star Wars fans, that will be more than enough.

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lipton1011066d ago

I'm digging this game. I had no illusions as to what it'd be from a content perspective and I liked the beta so it was a day 1 purchase for me.

Aeery1066d ago

So far I'm enjoying this game a *lot* and I hope the enjoyment will stay for long :D

The visual is just insane.

MadMax1066d ago

Same here man, digging it! I think many gamers have become so spoiled these days. Always seem to be bitching and complaining when a game has some stutter or not enough vehicles in a game! Comon, seriously?

We live in a new age of big cry baby Obama kids, and it's made its way into the gaming industry now. That's who you're hearing all the complaints coming from. Punks that weren't even conceived yet when the original Star Wars film came out!

This game is filling every bit of old school nostalgia for many of us hardcore fans and it's starting to get on my nerves hearing kids bitching about this game. Picture a game like this 20 plus years ago, yet alone 10 years ago! It's frikin amazing!!! Stupid haters!

Dissidia1066d ago

Same, couldn't stop playing the beta and never played battlefront before, my copy is waiting for me in the mail at home. Can't wait to play again!

Immorals1066d ago

For the price, and the content in this game, I wouldn't give it anything higher than a 7. The first few hours were fantastic, but it wore off quickly. Real shame!

Dissidia1066d ago

So the game is no longer fun? Guess you should bring it back to the store then

Immorals1066d ago

I'm in England where it's not out til Thursday. I used the EA access trial.

detroitmademe1066d ago

I've been playing it since 12pm east and I think it's great. It's not doing anything particularly new but watts there is great. 8/10.I've played shooters ranging from the socom franchise, to warhawk,to battlefield, too cod and i can honestly say i don't understand what people mean when they say battle front doesn't have enough content. I'm satisfied with the content. It's always like people are going by the numbers and statistics instead of actually playing the game