We Are All Doing Retro Wrong

Jason Santuci writes, "As I’m winding up to start my own indie game development studio I’ve come to realize just how warped the “retro” genre is. Many “me too” mobile developers seem to think oversimplification equals retro. Many retro gamers never get beyond the brands and games of their youth.

Did David Crane seek to create the lowest common denominator when creating Pitfall? Did late 70’s gamers refuse to explore games beyond that which they already own? Of course not. Why do we as consumers or creators settle for this today?"

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chazjamie1063d ago (Edited 1063d ago )

that guy needs skin toner

DasTier1063d ago

He looks like a stereotypical indie dev

reallyNow1063d ago

You're an asshole. Grow up.

endzeitkind1063d ago

wtf is wrong with you chazjamie?

Retroman1063d ago

"70's" gamer. lol, im still gaming. looking forward rebirth of shoot'em up's , beat'em up's to return .

sashimi1063d ago

holy crap the hills on his forehead

stalepie1063d ago

I think it is more "retro style" than "nostalgia." The kind of graphics and sounds that 80s video games had were unique to the medium. Later with games like "Aladdin" (Sega Genesis) you had animation closer to Disney quality, or FMV games that used digital video, Mortal Kombat, etc. But for a time video games had unique visuals and sounds.