Art Style Admiration – Fallout 4′s Graphics Are Far From Horrible writes:

''With all of the excitement and discussion that came with the Fallout 4 hype train, the visuals were often a hot topic. The modern market is often packed with games striving for realism, be it on the front lines of a fictional war or the cold hard Gothic streets of something more fantastical. The minor backlash towards Fallout 4 never felt like it came from concern, more confusion, but where those concerns justified?''

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AudioEppa1068d ago (Edited 1068d ago )

It's justified when you try to sell a $60 game.

We all got different things we they want out of games, people complaining about ugly graphics are no different then people complaining about something else regarding any game.

But I see a pattern that goes on, only with a certain group I see who are more sensitive towards games they like getting criticized, yat, can never shut up themselves as they always shit on a game religiously because it doesn't fit their ideal way of what a video game is supposed to be.

I think the two biggest games this year (based on community talk) are The order 1886 and Fallout 4. Why? Because they are the complete opposite of video games in 2015 that people either enjoy or dislike.

I spent $60 on the order with no regrets and I was complete satisfied. If people are willing to buy FO4 knowing what it's about or how it looks then people should respect their purchase, just as much as my purchase should be respected.

Now obviously the game I like has been getting shit on all year by a lot of people, not everybody, but a lot. But not once have I had any desire to attack another game to defend the one I like, but at the same time I do defend the game without the display of a toxic attitude.

Now that we see FO4 receive criticism that is unexpected by a lot people, not everybody, but a lot who probably are the same people who criticize the order or any other game because that's what goes down in comment sections, message boards and youtube comments. A lot of people can't respect a fellow gamers own preference of games they love to play. It's either fall in line, or get bullied...

This has been something that has been blowing up this year and I hope it doesn't spill over into 2016, next year looks super crazy fun with many different games to be available for all of us to play, I wish we could just talk about the games, but I don't think this community wants to stop fighting with each other, people gotta fight for the invisible online alpha trophy lol

SolidGear31068d ago

Well I love Fallout 4 and The Order so no complaints here. They're my top GOTY picks.

PixelGateUk1068d ago

Depends how you define shit on. I enjoyed The Order 1886, but i also highlighted it's various faults (the story going a bit sour towards closing acts, not much content to play through). I think a lot of people know just don't take a balanced view on anything, be it films,tv,books,comics and video games.

People lash out far too often if someone says something that does not align with their personal views, even if it's a legitimate point.

AudioEppa1068d ago

I appreciate this way of thinking.

I would say my favorite game of all time is the last of us, but I too can highlight a problem with it, just because you love something doesn't mean it's perfect.

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georgenancy1068d ago (Edited 1068d ago )

fallout 4 may be an enjoyable game but it sure is ugly ........

objdadon1068d ago

My first fallout game and the graphics look just fine to me. That may be just because im having so damn much fun playing it though.

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