5 big announcements that we want to see at PSX

2016 promises to be the year of the PlayStation so we have picked 5 big announcements that we want, desperately, to see at the PlayStation Experience next month.

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SmallestSteph1068d ago

Definitely agree!
(Though there will always be a small part of me blindly and naively hoping that Crash will come back...)

HaveSumNuts1068d ago

GoW 4 has to be there though they confirmed it was being developed since last year. My dream for any perfect video game event would be no CGI trailers just gameplay being shown.

mocaak1068d ago

Trailers tease the story, and are easier to make for announcement purposes.

emad-E-three1068d ago

To actually think there will/should be a gameplay video is kind of pushing it with your expectations.

I'm just hoping for reveal trailer even if its 20 seconds long with (now pushing it too) 2017 release!

bouzebbal1067d ago

God of War will be pushed to e3 next year i think.
it's way too big to be announced already now. This year's Sony conferences have been one hell of a ride. I think and wish they will being back some classics to PS4 cause that's what's missing atm.
Sanzaru on a new Sly or even Jak. Syphon Filter comeback and maybe Crash or WipEout.

fingers crosses

showtimefolks1068d ago (Edited 1068d ago )

personally here is how i think ps event will play out

Agent from R* or new RDR game from R*(2016 release)

god of war is pretty much confirmed

new IP from sony bend

very likely more info for VR

possibly a new demo for horizon

uncharted 4 related news

something for Detroit

possibly update on shenmue 3 and a likely or hopefully a announcement about shenmue 1-2 coming to ps4

also hoping for news about yakuza games on ps4

and hopefully few surprises

oh and i also see sony going to 1TB consoles only. i think 500GB will be done


legacy of kain
sony buying crash IP back

paul-p19881067d ago

"possibly update on shenmue 3 and a likely or hopefully a announcement about shenmue 1-2 coming to ps4

also hoping for news about yakuza games on ps4"

If those 2 happened I would cry such manly tears of happiness!
Still waiting for a Yakuza 5 western release date :(

Dee_911067d ago

I will be 100% satisfied with a new GT Sport trailer showing new cars and tracks, and a little more info. Everything else will be a plus.

blackblades1067d ago

Eh what I want is something unexpected something that hasn't been said or discussed or put into a list. That surprise WOW!.

PudgeyBurrito1067d ago

Things I would like to see @ PSX and to look forward to.

- Horizon Zero Dawn (Guerrilla Games)
- Uncharted 4 (Naughty Dog)
- The Last Guardian (Team Ico / Studio Japan)
- The Last Of Us 2 (Naughty Dog)
- No Mans Sky (Hello Games)
- Grand Turismo (Polyphony Digital)
- God Of War (Sony Santa Monica)
- Detroit (Quantic Dream)
- New Game (Sony Bend)
- Wild (Wild Sheep Studios)
- MatterFall (Xdev)
- Drawn to Death (Sony Sandeigo / Bartlet Jones)
- The Tomorrow Children (Q Games / Studio Japan)
- Street Fighter (Capcom)
- Hellblade (Ninja Theory)
- Final Fantasy 7 (Square Enix)
- Nier 2 (Square Enix)

- PSN Name Change
- PlayStation 4.0
- PlayStation VR Games

Would be cool to see some new IP's as well. 1st or Second party.

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-Foxtrot1068d ago

I want the same thing I want every year despite knowing it will probably never happen

Crash Bandicoot

Why have that hint/teaser in the PS4 launch advert...not just a reference but a full on hint that he was returning

The Crash silhouette, the trash can, the arrow pointing up to the orange diamond which looks like the old SCEE/SCEA logo.

DarkOcelet1068d ago

Tons of games in my opinion.

Parasite Eve 3
Dino Crisis Remake
Vagrant Story Remake
Legend Of Dragoon
Syphon Filter Remake
Spyro Reboot
Xenogears Remake
Legacy Of Kain Remake
Chrono 3
Mega Man Legends 3

And alot more!

I also want Dark Cloud 3!

Hoffmann1068d ago

Bushido Blade
Bust A Groove

fei-hung1068d ago

Can you imagine if Hideo Kojima takes lead on Syphon Filter remake?

DarkOcelet1068d ago


C-12 was amazing! And so underrated. Dang, i want to play it again.

And i hope one day we get a Fighting Force Remake. That game was the $hit in the past for me :)

Persistantthug1067d ago

How about a COLONY WARS Remake?

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fei-hung1068d ago

With the love between Activision and Sony being so strong this gen, I wouldn't be surprised if they have worked out a deal but are keeping it silent for a big reveal.

With the way things are going I would guess if they do it, it will be alongside a Crash movie with Sony and Activision partnering up to deliver a game, film and merchandise.

I wouldn't be surprised if Mark Cerny's Knack was a testing ground as it had many similarities to Crash.

Paytaa1068d ago

TLOU2 to close the event would make me cry tears of joy.

God of War IV would be really cool even though I still need to get around to playing...all of them.

The new Bend game in development sounds promising if the rumors are true so that would be a sick announcement.

And a New IP from Sucker Punch seems inevitable since Second Son came out almost 2 years ago.

ninsigma1068d ago

Tlou2 would be an incredible way to end it but I don't think it will be there. They want everyone focusing on uncharted right now so I would imagine (I could be wrong here) that they will wait until after uc has released. Possibly e3 or next years psx.

1noobgamer1068d ago

Im looking forward to this one, with so many games already announced it will be great to see what else they have to offer.

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