Rumor: Dead Rising confirmed for the PS3?

On comment #121 of the official Playstation Blog, John Diamonon replys to a comment talking about Dead Rising for the PS3, stating "You haven't seen the last of Dead Rising." Could this be an unofficial announcement that Dead Rising is indeed coming to the PS3?

While many know Capcom supports multiplatform games and has a Dead Rising Wii version coming soon, can this only mean that its coming to the PS3 also?

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toughNAME5414d ago (Edited 5414d ago )

I don't think this is a very good game:

Spydiggity5414d ago

How can it be a "rumor" and "confirmed" at the same time?

mikeslemonade5413d ago

This game sucks. PS3 owners don't deserve to play such a terrible game. Just make Dead Rising 2 mutliplatform. Capcom stop being money whores and think about the gamer sometimes.

gambare5413d ago (Edited 5413d ago )

ok... toughName, you said before that DR was a great title, but now that there is a chance for it to be on the PS3 it suddenly becomes a mediocre title? you had that opinion change about Bioshock btw

@1.2- be careful, not everyone can understand sarcasm

MazzingerZ5413d ago (Edited 5413d ago )

It's not a good game and today it feels even more outdated...who cares about old games when you have on the horizon amazing games like LBP, R2, Killzone2 , Motostorm:PR, Valkyrie Chronicles, Wipeout HD, SOCOM: C, inFAMOUS etc, etc?

Milky5413d ago

Maybe they are making it into a blu-ray film like every other game company

MikeGdaGod5413d ago (Edited 5413d ago )

Dead Rising is one of two of the exclusive games i really liked when i had a 360. Dead Rising and Gears......and when get another 360 thats what i'll be playing.

as far as this, i'm hoping for sequel on ps3

kinggeoff5413d ago

better be a sequel with online coop

the first game was amazing. Ppl probably got pissed because it kicked their asses. It was great zombie killing fun. Not many games can match its weapon selection either.

Dannagar5413d ago (Edited 5413d ago )

Dead Rising is my favorite game this generation. I'm 1 achievement away from getting all the achievements. If Dead Rising does come to PS3, it would be fantastic news for PS3 owners. I may consider buying a PS3 version for trophies.

MorganX5413d ago

It's my favorite game on Xbox. Even over Gears. (this doesn't not count XBLA Games)

I was never able to shoot down the Helicopter and get that Achievement though.

I'll buy DR2 on PS3 (as long as it has trophies) and I would also buy DR1 for a second time to complete it on PS3.

TheDude2dot05413d ago

It's a fun game. Would be a good PSN title.

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2pac-untouchable5414d ago

why am i not surprised..........

badz1495413d ago

is a Wii version, so there must be PS3 version lurking somewhere in the corner waiting for conformation! it's more or less a common sense!

mfwahwah5413d ago

Then again, there was a quote by the devs saying they wouldn't mind working on Dead Rising 2. Maybe that's what he was actually reffering to

militant075413d ago

that rumoer is stupid and if they gona work on ps3 version will take about 1 year or 2 that mean 2010 ? silly
he said you havent see last of dead rising
its mean you didnt see the last dead rising , there is still 2 or more !

f7897905413d ago

I doubt many kids or senior citizens will want to bash zombies heads in.

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Rob0g0rilla5414d ago

Hopefully it's Dead Rising 2.

ash_divine5414d ago

saw my brother play the first game, was not impressed. a sequel could be cool though.

Jerkapotamus5414d ago

It seems like it's been too long for a port. It seems like it's about time for Dead Rising 2, and it would make sense that it's multiplatform.

rbanke5413d ago

Agreed. It does seem more likley that at this point, it would simply be Dead Rising 2 for the 360 & ps3. Works for me

El_Colombiano5414d ago

Oh my God, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be true! This is the only reason I wanted a 360. Its like the best game exclusive to the Xbox!!! The Wii version is an entity by itself.