Rayman Adventures Launches December 3rd to Celebrate 20th Anniversary, Rayman Infographic Inside

Today, Ubisoft is celebrating 20 years of Rayman. There's good news for Rayman fans as the next game is only a few weeks away. There's also a lovely little infographic, because who doesn't love brightly coloured infographics, right?

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TWB1091d ago

I would have loved to see some sort of a collection of all Rayman games on one disc. Would have been pretty cool.

I havent gotten into these newer Rayman games yet either way. Rayman 2 still remains my favourite from the series (and as one of the more memorable games in general) because it was sort of a dark game with depressing tones and excellent music. I dont think that even Rayman 3 was like that?

lockedongamer11091d ago

A mobile game to celebrate Rayman? Woohoo? I wish they would go back to the 3D style like Rayman 2: The Great Escape with both gibberish and English languages.