Why FIFA Is For Rage Quitters & PES Is For Connoisseurs

Play: "PES is for people who like football, FIFA is for people who are angry. Let us explain why."

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philm871069d ago

I love both games, but play Fifa for several reasons. 1) I feel the defending is much better and I have a lot more control over it. 2) Licenses and general presentation (it does make a difference to the overall experience!) 3) Much better game modes 4) Much better online experience. 5) Much better player animation. 6)PES lacks variety in dribbling controls (not just skill moves). 7)Tactical control feels much better in Fifa, I feel PES is much more restrictive.

I had both last year, but I'm going to be sticking with Fifa because it's taken a lot of things I loved from PES and put them into the game, most notably the more realistic matches due to the slower gameplay (not actually slower, but generally requires a good build-up to score a goal).

I'm not sure how much Fifa the writer has played, certainly not much of Fifa 16 as a lot of the statements apply to older versions, and to be fair I haven't played a huge amount of the latest PES, but enough to know there aren't many changes from the last version.