Bloodborne: Check Out the First PS4 Gameplay Footage of the Next Free Update

Today you learned that on November 20th Sony Computer Entertainment will release the next update to Bloodborne, and during a livestream on Nico Nico, the first gameplay of the patch was showcased.

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DragoonsScaleLegends1065d ago

Update to fix frame-rate? I haven't played it yet but from what I've seen when my brother played, it's definitely below 30fps.

xXDerickXx1065d ago

Frame-rate was a big problem at launch but about a month after launch I believe they had an update to fix it since then iv had no problem with frame-rate.

DragoonsScaleLegends1065d ago

When you play online it can lag below 20fps and even offline it's not 30fps. Of course I'm someone who notices frame-rate really easily.

Volkama1065d ago

Bloodborne framerate was very noticable to me too, particularly when panning the camera. From what I gather is was a solid 30 that just wasn't being delivered at the right cadence. That's significant as it means the raw performance is there, and the problem should be (relatively) simple to fix.

Don't know if they have or not though. Might take a look this eve, as I still haven't got anywhere with the game :(

SnotyTheRocket1065d ago ShowReplies(2)
sactownlawyer9161065d ago

Can't wait fort this and then the expansion on Tuesday. My most anticipated fall release.

S2Killinit1065d ago

Such a great game. Hard. Not for the impatient, but great.

nix1065d ago

i pre ordered the expansion... so happy about it.

Volkama1065d ago (Edited 1065d ago )

Haven't followed the expansion, but I see the article title talks about the "free" update. Is it a typical case where an expansion is dropping with new content, but certain key features and improvements are being patched into the base game as well?

Also, is the NPC co-op hunter supposed to be a novel take on reducing the difficulty for people like me, that still haven't got any further than the bonfire in the first area? :)

nix1065d ago

i really don't know what is what personally. i'm also quite confused about this "update".

Forn1065d ago

The free update adds "The League" covenant, as well as the new co-op NPC character. Not sure if there's other things that will be added or fixed other than that. Then the expansion releases next week adding a bunch of new content accessible at some point in the game.