Rare To Release Ten 360 Titles?

Rare has a list of ten 360 titles that might be heading to the 360. Here are the list of games:


For Conker 3 its really conker 2 sorry people

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TrevorPhillips3813d ago

wooow rare must be so darn buzy

mikeslemonade3813d ago

How about make 1 or 2 quality titles instead. What a waste of money Rare is. Who would pay 400 million for Rare? Microsoft that's who.

militant073813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

Rare made us Viva Pinata 1 &2 and :
IGN :", though one of the most addictive and original games on Xbox 360, was largely ignored by consumers" counting every sec for vp2.

Banjo3 : explain its self, and im getting it !

Kameo great lunch title well as Perfect dark .

leyego3813d ago

most of them arnt even worth checking out
other then kameo, and 007 that is
the rest of those games seem kinda pathetic, or atleast theres a better game in that specific genre.
seriously rare invest ur money is something worth while.

let those disagrees fly~~~

mepsipax3813d ago

whatever you say rare is still a better than average developer, but c'mon, to deny rare's influence on console gaming is ignorance, sure the microsoft conversion has yielded some average titles like ghoulies and PD: Zero, but rare is still very good and with their track record I am looking forward to whatever they release, hell on the n64 they were cranking games out like there was no tomorow and although devolpment time was shorter they were smaller so it could balance out, anyway,
rare is amazing.

ZombieNinjaPanda3813d ago

The banjo Series was amazing! Even though it consisted of only 2 games, that game was really fun when I was a kid!

Time_Is_On_My_Side3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

I agree with all of that but Perfect Dark Zero that game felt dated, laggy online, and vehicles sucked. It's barely an average game at best but Game Spot gave that a 9.0 with editor's choice, lol.

TheDude2dot03813d ago

I bought Banjo Kazooie, but I never really liked it. It kinda had no point or something. Still it was a long time ago, and I liked dumb games back then... Might buy it or play it at a friend's house.

I think that Rare should be working on 2-4 quality titles instead of dumping 10 games that could be bad. If they manage to make 10 quality games I will bow down to them and they can paddle me. But right now, I don't think that trying to do everything at once will help.

They could be doing that because they know the 720 is coming out soon...

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Raoh3813d ago


confirmed with a Rumor next to the title?

TrevorPhillips3813d ago

its some of there game most of them are rumors