PS4 Exclusive Bloodborne’s New Update’s Release Date Announced: November 20th

A few days ago, Sony Computer Entertainment announced a new update for Bloodborne, and during a livestream on Nico Nico, they finally mentioned a release date.

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S2Killinit1162d ago

Free update november 20, followed by the expansion on november 25th.

Eiyuuou1162d ago

I can't wait! Gonna try to platinum it before that!

dantesparda1162d ago

Sony and From Software, fix the frame pacing. Maybe, just maybe, i'll be pleasantly surprised and it will be in this update, but I highly doubt it. Especially since its not in the patch notes I've seen and its still in the lastest Dark Souls 3 build I've seen. And to the fanboys, please don't disagree with me just because I want the game to improve, Im not putting it down.

Crimzon1162d ago

You're not the only one, I'd love to see that fixed as well because of how frustrating it is. Don't mind the disagrees either, fanboys will defend anything, even if the game ran at 10fps most of the time they'd still say it was perfect and insist that it doesn't need fixing.

Those of us who actually play the game and don't just mindlessly defend everything about it because it's exclusive? Yeah, a lot of us want to see that fixed. You're right though, Dark Souls 3 has the exact same problem in the beta and at this point I think it's a problem with the engine, and From Software has no idea how to fix it. At least with Dark Souls 3 we can buy it on PC instead and fans will inevitably fix the problem with mods, but Bloodborne is probably gonna stay like this forever, unfortunately. Hopefully the upcoming patch will surprise us though, you never know.

UlyssesFeral1162d ago (Edited 1162d ago )


You're honestly saying the game has enthusiastic fans merely because it's exclusive to PS4? Come on, now. The fact is that the game doesn't run at 10fps, it just jitters a bit from time to time. No one's disagreeing they'd like to see it fixed, but your hostility towards the game's fans is unwarranted. Honestly it sounds like you only have a PC or Xbox One and harbor some bitterness over Bloodborne's exclusivity.

You know, I wish it wasn't exclusive either. I wish everyone in the world could play this wonderful game. I certainly didn't love it because of its exclusivity. I'm more of a Nintendo guy, to be honest. But Bloodborne is the best game I've played in years. If you disagree, fine. But to say its acclaim and popularity is brought on for no other reason than console association is laughable.

TwoForce1162d ago

Don't know how to say about you anymore. BloodBorne is great game, and yes the framerate do drop often, but that doesn't mean it ruin experience.

Crimzon1161d ago


If I didn't have a PS4 or a copy of Bloodborne, why would I want the framepacing issue to be fixed?

Seriously, think about that for a moment. Also, go and re-read my comment because it seems like you replied without actually understanding anything that I said. I never said that the game runs at 10fps, for example. Maybe if you could put aside your fanboy tendencies and actually read my comment like a normal person, you might have a clearer view of the point that I was making.

Bolts1161d ago

It's really sad that a game like Bloodborne simply can't perform like it should. Of all the Sony games this one desperately begs for 60 FPS. This is why I'll be going to the The Steam version of Darksouls 3. That way I won't have to wait for the PS5 to get decent performance.

dantesparda1161d ago


Oh believe me, I know how the fanboys are (of all stripes) but I was just trying a new approach to see if it would be taken more kindly and maybe even get more people to agree with it, but nope, lo and behold just hopeful thinking. But I agree that its a engine problem and that From Software doesn't know how to fix it. And whats even sadder to me is that i think you're right that the modding community on the other hand probably will be able to, but not a professional development studio. I'd just like to have a smoother game but I guess I am asking for too much.

TWB1161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )

Oh and I guess these playstation "fans" you are refering to also didnt chastise The Order for its flaws even though it looked absolutely brilliant and was a Sony exclusive? (Im also not trying to hint at any injustices The Order experienced, Im neutral on the game)

The thing is, Bloodborne might be one of the better running SoulsBorne games out there (aside from big coop parties, I heard the game starts dropping frames in those cases). I think I have seen the frame pacing issues that others have seen but they are so minor and you make them sound so big and serious issue.

Sure it would be excellent if they managed to fix that issue but at the mean time Im just fking grateful that we didnt have a Dark Souls 1 type of performance mess in Bloodborne.

And I just realized that comes off as sort if fanboyish but I like to think I just keep my expectation realistic to From's technological capabilities.

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Hereiamhereibe21161d ago

Trying not to fanboy, but I tend to look at things from a developers point of view. Im almost certain they tried to make the game run as smoothly as possible it's definitely not a case of neglect, people are passionate about the work they do generally and something so obvious as this must either be impossible or way too costly to fix on the engine they use. People expect the best possible textures, animations, and LODs and this is not something that is easy to achieve especially on the hardware of this gens consoles. In my opinion Bloodborne legitimately looks great and plays great given the amount of detail in the game. I would expect them to have to sacrifice another graphical capability for better frames. How happy would it make you if they improved the frames but removed half of the clutter in each zone or if they severely reduced the resolution of the LODs. There is ALWAYS a trade when it comes to graphics.

TwoForce1162d ago

So am i, Hunter. Get ready to hunt more beasts.

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