Should Naughty Dog adopt Halo 5′s dynamic resolution for Uncharted 4′s Multiplayer?

Gearnuke writes: "Earlier this year, during Paris Games Week, Naughty Dog revealed that Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End’s multiplayer would run at a resolution of 900p (1600 x 900) in order to accommodate a frame rate of 60 frames per second."

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Genuine-User1067d ago (Edited 1067d ago )


It's already running close to 60fps at a locked resolution. And It will only get better until the game is released.

Concertoine1067d ago

How do you know? All we've seen is a trailer right?

Im sure naughty dog will choose whatever's best for the game though.

Genuine-User1067d ago (Edited 1067d ago )

Digital Foundry:

"The version of Uncharted 4 that was playable on the showfloor at Paris Games Week turns in a more consistent 60 frames per second"

Kingthrash3601067d ago (Edited 1067d ago )

I don't get the question anyway...isn't halos dynamic resolution there to keep the game at "mostly" 60 frames. Why would ND need to do it with mp if it's at mostly 60 already? I mean it runs at 900p, so do they mean to get it to 1080p or Do they mean for sp and making it almost 60frames? I think the author made some kind of mistake or is just miss informed...why would ND lower it's resolution just to full lock 60fps...when it may lock it by the time the game releases anyway. Dynamic resolution isn't necessary.

And no. ND knows what they are doing.

Mr Pumblechook1067d ago

No they shouldn't. Dynamic Res is inconsistent and is only used to box tick to say the game is (sometimes) in 1080p, when actually the console can't run it 100% of the time at that Res. Better to run at 900p fluidly.

TFJWM1067d ago

This whole Dynamic reso is a joke. Its really just a way to say that a game is "1080p" or "900p" even when the majority of the time it is not running at that. If the games ran 75% atleast at the top reso and then a few dips sure but its more like 25% at the stated reso and always lower.

thekhurg1067d ago

They should adopt the dedicated servers concept instead of worrying about resolution.

Concertoine1067d ago


Thanks for clarifying, didn't know DF looked at it.

Genuine-User1067d ago


You're welcome :)

KiwiViper851067d ago

I don't think ND is tanented enough to pull off dynamic resolution.

They're good, but not 343i good...

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MasterCornholio1067d ago

I agree. As long as it runs at an almost locked 60FPS I don't see any point in having a dynamic resolution with the game.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1067d ago

I remember when people found out Shadow Fall did something similar to what Halo 5 is doing. Sony got sued for false advertising lol. Honestly for multiplayer resolution isn't THAT important. Frame rate does take precedence. As long as they can find a way to lock it at 60 before launch the game will be fine.

S2Killinit1067d ago (Edited 1067d ago )

I agree, its not an option. The reviews of Halo showed that AI enemies in the distance had really low fps at times falling to 10 fps, where the motion looked completely choppy. That wouldnt be even remotely practical for multiplayer. I believe halo itself didnt use the dynamic resolution for its own multiplayer either.

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--Onilink--1067d ago

why are people saying dynamic resolution is just to say they are 1080p?? Halo 5 doesnt even run at 1080p at any point according to DF, and its not something 343 was boasting about.

The only reason for dynamic resolution is to keep the game locked at 60fps, which Halo 5 definitely does (with quite a few graphical compromises though)

So while DR is certainly not a bad idea when you are looking for a locked framerate (which should definitely be a priority in MP, either locked 60 or just keep it locked at 30) I doubt its something that can be implemented for multiplayer that easily.

In the end, Naughty Dog has probably already thought of several ways to optimize the framerate, so we'll just wait and see

SirJoJo1067d ago

Finally an unbiased and well informed comment.

lvl_headed_gmr1067d ago

Halo's dynamic resolution is set for when big battles occur.

After playing all of the Uncharted's, it's fair to say there are no "big battles", just 3-5 enemies on screen at a time in a slow paced, small section of a linear map. So ND is able to keep the single player at 1080p @30fps.

For ND's multiplayer, it's 900p at 60fps. I think it's great that ND decided to go with 60fps as it's more important than 1080p and losing the butter smooth 60fps for multiplayer.

ND doesn't need Dynamic resolution because the battles in Unchartered multiplayer don't come anywhere close to the battles in Halo. Halo has 12v12 matches with lots of vehicles, explosions happening all at once so 343i was brilliant to go with Dynamic Resolution and keep the 60fps smoothness.

Uncharted doesn't need Dynamic resolution because there just isn't enough going on on the screen to warrant it...however I am surprised that the PS4 and ND are not able to get 1080p 60fps for either of the single player and multiplayer...Uncahrted isn't doing much when it comes to hard processing. Uncharted is a linear game with limited events going on at a single time for both campaign and Multiplayer.

jb2271067d ago

Where did you get your degree in game development? Also while we're at it, where did you get your hands on a copy of UC4?

The Uncharted series is well known for its visuals, but it's also ahead of the pack & well lauded for its animations & it's physics tech. These are all bits of "hard processing", may not impress you but if that's the case I'd be surprised if you'd actually played the games themselves. As for the 'linear w/ limited events' argument, it seems like someone must have missed the E3 demo w/ a huge wide open hill to traverse down by jeep, the dozens of enemies firing from all directions & the huge chase scene punctuated by firefights & showcasing what were hands down the best gaming interpretations of mud & fire that we've seen to date.

You can keep your Halo, there's no real reason to be comparing the two anyway as they are completely different experiences, but to say that Naughty Dog & the Uncharted series in particular aren't impressive achievements is just lying to yourself.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1067d ago

"After playing all of the Uncharted's, it's fair to say there are no "big battles", just 3-5 enemies on screen at a time in a slow paced, small section of a linear map."

Aren't all multiplayer maps linear?


UncleJerry1067d ago (Edited 1067d ago )

If ND felt it was a good idea, they would do it. They are some of the best. I don't take issue with Halo 5's dynamic res, it seems to work well for campaign and the MP is full 1080 at a smooth 60. So that worked for Halo 5 and the xbox one. By all accounts so far, ND should jut keep doing what they are doing. Can't wait to grab the finished product, shut my blinds, lock my door, open a 12 pack and have my tits blown off!

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uth111067d ago

You mean change what they are doing and still release in March?

No, probably shouldn't do that

rashada071067d ago

Dynamic resolution and drop the frame rate of distant enemies? Nope, no reason to cut corners; PS4 can handle it.

angelusbrz1067d ago

why ? [email protected] FPS is more difficult to run than [email protected], the game is nearly, there is no need too.

freshslicepizza1067d ago

i guess they are saying bump the resolution to 1080p whenever possible while still maintaining 60fps.

XeyedGamer1067d ago

Naughty Dog should do what Naughty Dog do.

Ezz20131067d ago

But then you will have gamers calling this Naughty dog game ....a Naughty Dog rip off
and ND will sue ND.

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