Games Should Be More Than Just Entertainment and Escapism, says Unravel Creator


"When Martin Sahlin stepped on stage at EA’s E3 2015 press conference, his nervous enthusiasm and handmade doll "Yarny" helped shape one of the show’s most memorable moments. His game, Unravel, features that very same doll traversing a version of Scandinavia which looks incredibly beautiful, but is incredibly treacherous to the tiny protagonist."

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1068d ago
-Gespenst-1068d ago

To pre-empt any stupid arguments: There's room for both, so everybody go home.

Aenea1067d ago

*turns around, looking sad, tail between the legs....*

Bismarn1068d ago

No Video Games should not be more than escapism. I play them so I don't have to deal with the bullshit of the world for an hour or two at night. If I wanted my entertainment to reflect deep isues, I'd watch Law & Order, which I don't.

r3f1cul1059d ago

i think games can be just about anything they choose to be... and i think thats part of the glory of games in general honestly ...